How to Study Sales on SBU and Chicago Tweetup

On Sales Bloggers Union Each month I contribute an article to Sales Bloggers Union (SBU). This month the topic is Different Perspectives. You can find my post here: Different Perspectives: How To Study Sales on the Internet. Check out all of this month’s posts; I promise ...

Manage Outcomes: The Ability to Achieve Results

The tenth and final sales-related skill set is the ability to manage outcomes. It is built on the foundational success ...

Leadership: The Ability to Generate Results Through Others

What is Leadership? The definition of leadership is too ambitious for this humble blog post: there are too many opinions and ...

Change Management: The Ability to Help Others Improve

Businesses are made up of people, and change management is a people process. As such, change management requires many of the ...

Negotiation: The Ability to Create Win-Win Deals

What is Negotiation? Negotiation is the art of the deal. Negotiation is an event, or series of events, designed to produce ...

Storytelling: The Ability to Create and Share a Vision

The sixth attribute and sales-related skill set is storytelling.

Diagnose: The Desire to Understand

The fifth attribute and sales-related skill set is the ability to diagnose.

Live from The Conference Board’s Senior Sales Executive Conference Feb 23rd and 24th.

Skip Anderson from Selling to Consumers and I will be blogging live from The Conference Board’s Senior Sales Executive ...

Business Acumen: A General Understanding of Business Principles

Business acumen doesn’t follow closing, differentiation, or prospecting, even though it is fourth on the list.

Prospecting: The Ability to Open Relationships

The third sales-related attribute is the ability to prospect.