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Identify your sales blockers with assessments and work 1-on-1 with a sales strategy expert to improve your sales performance.

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What's Included in the Sales Manager Challenge?
Here’s How It Works


Get the Sales Leadership and Sales Tools Assessments so you can identify your sales challenges and blockers.


Schedule a FREE 45-minute Pipeline Training to get strategic next steps for improvement and training for running an effective pipeline meeting.


Schedule a FREE 45-minute Sales Strategy Session where we address the strategic steps you and your sales team can take to achieve those sales targets.

Step 1


Get the Sales Leadership and the Sales Tools Assessments

These assessments will help you analyze your challenges and identify your sales blockers quickly.

Both assessments are interactive with a choose your adventure style, so you'll get a personalized experience and worksheets for further improvements. 

We'll deliver 2 FREE Assessments to your inbox to kick things off.

Step 2

Pipeline Training

Book your FREE
Pipeline Training Session

In our 45-minute meeting, we'll review your assessment results and find the root cause of your sales blockers.

We'll provide you with:

  • Best practice strategies to move your team in the right direction
  • Key strategies to lead pipeline meetings
  • An easy-to-follow template for pipeline meetings

Step 3

Sales Strategy

Book your FREE
Sales Strategy Session

After your Pipeline Training, we will have a 45-minute Sales Strategy Session where we discuss:

  • What changes you can make now to hit your aggressive sales targets
  • Coach you through any questions or challenges that came up in your pipeline meeting and assessments
  • Helping your team change the conversation so you can win commitments & next steps


increase in revenue


increase in pipeline


increase in average deal size

Anthony has worked with:

  • Next Air
  • SAP
  • Net Jets
Anthony Iannarino speaker author trainer and coach

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