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5 Rules for Making Business Relationships Rock

Time: 45 - 60 mins
Audience: Primarily B2C sales organizations, entrepreneurial businesses, and non-salespeople who need to win new business


The forces of globalization, disintermediation, and commoditization haven’t only made selling more difficult for B2C organizations. More customers are making decisions based on price instead of cost, making it more difficult to win business and crushing margins.

Five Rules for Making Relationships Rock is Level 4 Value Creation for business-to-consumer sales. Your team will learn how to create a higher level of value, allowing them to compete and win at a higher price and develop lifetime relationships.


  • Learn how to lead with value and move the conversation from price to cost.
  • Explore methods for gaining the trust necessary to win and retain lifetime customers.
  • Discover the methodology for gaining the insight you need to help you identify what is really important to your customers and how to deliver it.