Coaching the Sales Force

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: Sales leaders and sales managers


The difference in hitting your goals and growing your top and bottom line hinges on your ability to effectively lead the sales force. Nothing has a greater impact on your sales results than your first line sales managers. You want your sales managers to coach your sales team, and your salespeople want coaching. But your sales managers don’t have a common process, a common meeting rhythm or cadence, or a coaching model.

In this one day workshop, we provide a professional coaching model that provides your sales managers the framework and methodology for coaching their team to their best performance.



  • Learn a coaching methodology that provides both directive and nondirective approaches based on the salesperson’s individual development needs.
  • Learn and customize a coaching model for territory management, pipeline reviews, opportunity reviews, coaching sales calls, coaching time management, and coaching for personal growth and development.
  • Develop a meeting cadence and business rhythm that allows sales managers to become sales leaders and proactively improve their team’s overall performance.

Note: This workshop requires some organizational pre-work. It requires a commitment of resources to develop the framework for the methodology in advance of the workshop.