How to Create Value Propositions that Compel Clients and Win Deals

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations


You want your salespeople to sell value. You need them to move away from selling “low price,” selling product, and selling features and benefits. In order to sell value, your team needs to know how to create a compelling value proposition, and they need to know how to tailor that value proposition to the individual stakeholders who will determine whether or not to buy from you.



  • Learn the skills of developing a compelling, differentiating value proposition.
  • Develop the skills of identifying the different stakeholders and stakeholder groups and what they perceive as value.
  • Develop the skills to apply the value proposition in every sales interaction.
  • Apply the value proposition to the live deals presently in each individual salesperson’s pipeline, regardless of the opportunities stage in the sales process.