L4VC: How to Create & Sustain Relationships of Value

Time: 45 - 75 mins
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations


The forces of globalization, disintermediation, and commoditization have radically changed how we do business. More and more, these forces are driving companies to behave transactionally. Sales organizations are struggling to create new opportunities, to win new business and maintain the margins they need to deliver results. Level 4 Value Creation is a methodology for moving from product, service, and solution to a higher level of value, that of a trusted advisor, or what we call a Level 4 Value Creators. Your team will learn how to create more value throughout the entire sales process, to create and win more opportunities, to win those opportunities at a higher margin, and to increase their wallet share within your existing clients.


  • Discover the 4 behaviors that allow you to create relationships of value and how to use them.
  • Explore the 3 attributes that differentiate your offering and allow you to create the compelling value that wins deals.
  • Learn how to use value creation throughout the sales process and how to create the right level of value for each stakeholder based on their stakeholder type.