The Art of Me Management

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: General


When we talk about “time management,” we are really talking about five disciplines. We are talking about the disciplines of determining our values, the discipline of determining goals, the discipline of prioritizing, the discipline of planning, and the discipline of taking consistent action. The Art of Me Management is the art of making decisions in each of those areas and building the disciplined actions that produce real, lasting, and meaningful results.



  • Learn a methodology for determining what is most important and what is going to lead to success.
  • Develop a set of short and long term goals that move you towards success faster–and with greater certainty.
  • Learn and apply a methodology for prioritizing what needs done based on the contribution it makes towards your ultimate goals and vision.
  • Use the tools to plan your days and weeks according to your real priorities, eliminating distractions while making room to serve others.
  • Develop the mindset, learn the skill sets, and use the tools that allow you to take disciplined, consistent action daily without procrastinating.