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Modern Sales


How to facilitate the buyer's journey and close more deals

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What You'll Get From The
Modern Sales Insight Pack:

Modern Sales Insight Video

Modern Sales
Insights Video

Gain key insights about why your reps are struggling to create and capture opportunities.

Sales Blueprint-1

Easy-to-Follow Workbook

Use our workbook to learn how to apply the Revenue Growth Blueprint to your team. 

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Revenue Growth Blueprint Video Walkthrough

Watch our video walkthrough of each step on the Revenue Growth Blueprint.

Stop missing your sales quotas.

The Modern Sales Insights Pack gives you an edge over the competition.




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Modern Sales Insights Pack

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"My sales team has the resources to learn and fulfill their job responsibilities. It has been the best investment we have ever made."

Mike Yerigan

VP Sales, Slang Worldwide

"I've seen a positive impact on my sales team and sales culture from day one. Our team is able to deal with objections and has had a direct positive impact on our revenue."

Kim Mayfield

Sales Leadership, Techquidation

"Of all the sales training courses I’ve ever taken, I find Anthony's videos to be the easiest to digest. I love knowing I will walk away with something actionable from each session. Keep up the great work. Thanks!"

Jeremy Davis

Sales Executive, Domain Computer Services

"I finished the quarter ranking #3 in the US, and pulled off a great win right at the last minute to help make it happen. The deal that I closed was the one that had gone dark on me that I got back in touch with using Anthony’s training."

Adam Sala

Sales Executive, SAP Concur

"I highly recommend this sales training platform. Bringing Anthony's training into my sales organization has allowed me to level-up several reps, improve sales engagement, and improve our conversion ratios. "

Rich Nigro

VP Sales, Scylla DB

"Because of Anthony's coaching and his books, I've produced a 39% strike rate on securing an appointment with a prospect when I'm able to have a live phone call with them."

Michael Kelly

Director, MK Leadership Communication Training

"This advice and techniques taught helped me win a deal at almost 2.5 times the industry profitability and all on my terms!"

Khurram Zaidi

NBD Leader, Larsen & Toubro Infotech

"To say that you have helped me sell better is to miss the real impact you have had on my career and life. This led to me landing a dream role at my dream company, where I've received the Rising Star Award!"

Carl Ferreira

Director of Sales, Refine Labs

"I LOVE Anthony's programs, it's helped tremendously and it's already paying off! I sent an email with your messaging around executive briefings and the VP responded! Our meeting is tomorrow! Thank YOU!"

Brenda Riggs

Director, Speridian Technologies


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increase in pipeline


increase in average deal size

Revenue Growth Blueprint Sales Blueprint

Modern Sales


Tailor your buyer's journey to close more deals

Let us show you the modern sales approach that will help you close more deals and hit your aggressive sales targets.