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Let's Face it


Sales Reps and
Managers Both
Know Their
Activities Aren't

When more sales calls don’t fix the problem, everyone is frustrated.

Even buyers know its not working. Outdated and ineffective tactics results in a poor sales experience.

71% of buyers don’t want to talk to reps. We must stop driving buyers away.

This lack of opportunities cuts into your profits.

Reps fall back to winning on price and start negotiating with their manager, instead of negotiating with the client. This isn’t scalable.

Sales is Broken 1
Sales is Broken 2

It’s Not an Activity Problem
It’s an Effectiveness Problem

Sales managers may think they can correct the lack of deals in their pipeline by simply pressing the "more" button. But reps can't open or advance opportunities if they're not differentiating.

In short: Reps don't know what to say to move the sale forward.


The Most Common Solution is to Focus on Improving Sales Skills and Performance Through Training

But let us offer a fair warning, whatever you use ....silver bullet sales training always disappoints.

Online sales learning

Online Learning

In person sales training

In-Person Training

Virtual sales coaching

Virtual Coaching

Outdated sales methods for sales trainers

You’ve Probably Hired
Sales Trainers Before...

and it turned out to be a waste of time and money. To be blunt, broken sales training is why your reps are struggling.



Bad Sales Conversations Come
From the Legacy Sales Approach
Still Taught by Most Trainers Today

You don’t need to get better at this approach: It’s what customers reject.

traditional sales approach

Relying on a Traditional
Sales Approach Will Get
You Consistently
Negative Reactions

Your buyers hate this approach. They will ghost your reps just to get away.

If you


  • Open more opportunities
  • Hit your sales targets

You need to give your team the language to open and advance sales opportunities.

You need strategic talk tracks.

When every rep feels confident in the sales process and knows exactly what to say to advance the sale,
that’s the moment everything changes
for your organization.

strategic talk tracks
Revenue Growth Blueprint Sales Blueprint

Revenue Growth


A Proven Blueprint for
Sales Success

Let us show you the modern sales approach that enables teams and reps to hit their sales targets, regardless of team size or rep experience.