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If you’ve followed Anthony’s writing and work for any time at all you know how fascinated he is with the impact mindset has on success in sales. So it makes perfect sense that when he saw a book titled, “Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed,” he had to read it. He was so impressed with the book he invited the author Daniel McGinn to be his guest on this episode of In The Arena. Anthony and Daniel talk about performance rituals, emotional preparation, the impact of music on motivation, and much more as it relates to sales success. It’s a fascinating conversation you’ll enjoy immensely.

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Feeling nervous is natural. This conversation will help you know what to do with those feelings.

We’ve all heard of the “fight or flight” instinct, it’s part of our biological wiring that fuels us to take action. Though the things we face today aren’t typically considered “dangerous” as they were back in the day when that response was first needed, they are still many times high-stakes events where the nervousness we feel is similar. On this episode, Daniel McGinn tells how the nervous feelings we face can actually be a helpful thing for performance if we know how to deal with them rightly. He also talks about why the most common piece of advice we receive when we’re feeling nervous is actually the exact opposite of what we should do.

Instead of trying to get rid of nerves we need to learn how to channel them toward success.

“Hey, calm down. Relax. Breathe.” It’s common advice to hear when you’re nervous but Daniel McGinn says it’s the wrong advice. It’s physiologically impossible to calm down the hormonal surges going on at a time when we are about to perform. Instead of fighting an uphill battle it’s better to learn strategies for focusing that energy to better use than fear and anxiety. In this conversation Anthony digs into how exactly to do that with author Daniel McGinn, so don’t miss it.

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Do pre-performance rituals legitimately work?

From athletes, to musicians, to sales professionals, many people use a pre-performance routine to get themselves ready for their particular “go time.” What makes up those rituals is as unique as the individuals who devise them, but Daniel McGinn says they are proven to be helpful. Anthony and Dan talk about how varied pre-performance rituals can be effective even when they vary so widely in terms of what is actually being done, what it has to do with mental focus and determination, and how each person’s ability to deal with anxiety is the most determinative factor in their performance.

Is music really helpful to prepare for go-time?

It’s fascinating how wired human beings are for music. There’s something about the melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that can change our mood, set us up for suggestion, or prepare us for a big day. Daniel McGinn, author of “Psyched Up” says there is no denying that music is a powerful tool in preparing for performance or high-stakes events and he and Anthony discuss how their favorite tunes may not be the same as those chosen by others, and why that is. You’ll enjoy this wrap-up to the conversation.

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Outline of this great episode

  • How the mental game impacts sales success, and today’s guest Daniel McGinn.
  • What happened to compel Daniel to write his book, “Psyched Up?”
  • The 5 P ritual one neurosurgeon uses to optimize his performance.
  • The power of purpose behind great endeavors.
  • Examining the different types of anxiety that manifest in various people.
  • Do people who are anxious simply need to calm down?
  • How one semester long course teaches students to deal with audition anxiety.
  • The effectiveness of pre-performance routines: are they legitimate?
  • What are positive and negative contagions?
  • Why the pep talk is not really what we think it is supposed to be.
  • What makes a song motivational?

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