Today, we hear from Dave Stein about the skills necessary for any sales team and manager. Dave has spent his career researching sales training programs. Early on, he discovered that companies were investing millions of dollars in sales training and seeing no return, or a negative return, on that investment. Dave took on the task of tackling this problem. Listen in today as he shares how he evaluates, compares and contrasts sales training programs. His insight will send you in the right direction to train your sales teams, with a return on investment like you’ve never seen. Get In the Arena with Dave Stein, today!


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Where sales training goes wrong

Dave Stein discovered many reasons why sales training goes wrong, but if there were one single reason it would be fixed by now. There are a range of mistakes being made, starting with the inability of sales leaders and organizations to simply hire the right people. There are currently plenty of people unsuited for the jobs they are in. Another huge problem we hear about today is the lack of clearly defining requirements. Start with your customer: what does it take to sell to them? From there, decipher their buying trends, history, methods, and preferences. When you know your goal, you can communicate requirements to your teams. The gap between what the salesperson can do and what the customer needs is the sweet spot for sales training. Listen in to today’s episode and find your sweet spot.

The DNA of a good sales manager and team

A good sales manager knows how to leverage their experiences to create value for someone else. If you want your sales performance to improve, listen in to Dave Stein’s findings in the trends of hiring. Your sales team needs to be able to talk to the customer about value, in the customer’s terms.  What will your team do to help your customer meet their financial and business plan? To be more successful, effective, and efficient your sales team needs to be able to answer those questions. If you do not develop your own team in knowing the answers to those questions, you will struggle. Today’s episode is an opportunity to amplify your impact that you won’t want to miss.


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A business savvy perspective

Want to learn how to infuse any selling approach from a business savvy perspective? Dave Stein has worked with many companies, selling a lot of stuff, the right way. How do they sustain high volume business? Time to get savvy! This is an unleveraged component to sales effectiveness that Dave has discovered makes a giant difference in your businesses lifespan and growth. Get In the Arena today and start approaching each opportunity with a business savvy perspective.

Don’t get left behind in social selling

Social selling is not just about having a blog, or having a presence on the various markets. Social selling is a guide to professionally engaging with your customers. It is a platform for creating relationships and connecting with customers. It is time to take ownership of your marketing approach. On this episode, we receive training from Dave on how to set up policies and procedures for social selling. This is a scene that should have clear cut policies to utilize social selling in the right way. Otherwise, you might find one of your go-getter salespeople digging the company’s grave with one mistake on Twitter. Tune in today and cultivate the value social selling can have for you!


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Outline of this great episode

  • Introduction and welcoming Dave Stein.
  • Where does sales training tend to go wrong?
  • Hire your staff with your customer in mind.
  • The DNA, makeup, and mindset of a successful businessperson.
  • Consultative Selling, by Mack Hanan.
  • New rules for social selling.
  • Opportunities and lessons from the economy tank.
  • Creating and capturing value.
  • How you can connect with Dave Stein

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