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There is no end to the number of ideas that may benefit you in improving your results. Everything you might do differently is likely already known. The internet is the greatest leveler when it comes to the immediate delivery of insights and ideas that could be useful to you when it comes to learning something that might help you produce better results.

The internet is also the greatest distraction in the history of humankind.

The Next Idea < The Last Idea

The next idea, no matter how smart and useful it is, is not likely to be any more beneficial to you than the last idea. The insight, no matter how remarkable, is not more useful than the last insight. No matter how novel or unique the idea is, it will not change your results unless you execute on the idea. Execution is the greater variable when it comes to improving your results.

Spending the day searching the internet to find the one thing that you might be missing to improve your results will have the exact opposite effect. All the ideas that draw your attention likely have value, but none of the ideas will do anything to improve your results without you doing the work.

Execution > Ideas By Themselves

Deeper Is Better Than Wider.

It is important to understand what ideas and concepts exist in the domain in which you are trying to improve. Understanding what choices might be available to you allows you the flexibility and of freedom to adjust what you’re doing to generate new results. For the ideas to be useful, however, you must actually apply them. Noticing them does nothing, outside of drawing you deeper into the rabbit hole.

Deeper is better than wider in this case because deeper is an indication that you are executing an idea well enough and long enough to see the improvement that it offers you. Deeper means staying with an idea until you have done the work necessary to be able to execute it a level of mastery before you move on to something else.

Why Seekers Struggle

Curiosity killed the cat. It is a good thing to be interested in all kinds of ideas and concepts. It’s a very good idea to be interested in understanding your world. Wide knowledge provides you with greater awareness and makes you a more interesting person generally.

The challenge for seekers, however, is that they never stop seeking long enough to go deep on a single idea. Because they never go deep on a single idea, they never gain mastery of that idea, and the lack of execution means they invested their time in looking at something without any application.

Seekers are very much like a hamster on a wheel. They aren’t going anywhere, but they continue to run faster and faster, believing that eventually, they’ll get traction.

Pick One Thing

Pick one thing and go deep. Find the idea that you believe brings you the greatest chance of improvement now and push the chips all in on that idea. Go deep, avoiding the next big idea and the next shiny object. Build mastery by executing the one thing you believe to be most worth your time. By doing so, you will get some improvement, and you will likely gain greater insight into what you should work on next.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on June 27, 2018

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