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The data we refer to as “sales intelligence” is one of the most frustrating necessities for sales teams. It’s information you have to have in order to do your job effectively, but it can be a Catch 22. You can only be as effective as the data you have, and the data is changing all the time and often difficult to find. Steve Bryerton and the team at DiscoverOrg are changing the way that sales data and intelligence is gathered, and have a team of 300 people who are curating data for salespeople by hand, every day. You’ve got to hear what has motivated this unprecedented step and how the DiscoverOrg team is able to offer a 95% accuracy guarantee. It’s on this episode of In The Arena.

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What’s the most important piece of sales intelligence that sales reps are in need of?

Believe it or not, it’s an accurate phone number. It’s amazing how many incredible startups or progressive companies that are poised to change the world, force interested customers, clients, and partners to connect with them through a web form. Period. No phone number is even available on their website. Both Anthony and his guest, Steve Bryerton believe the day will come when these world-changing companies will rethink that decision and begin to provide a phone number to make a connection with their company more easily accessible. But until then, what do sales reps do? There are only two choices… you do the legwork of finding the contact data yourself, or you make use of those who make the task their business, literally. Listen to find out how you can make use of a professional team of sales intelligence detectives.

Sales Intelligence is a moving target. But you’ve still got to hit it

Every salesperson has experienced the scenario: You spend time on social media, scouring the internet, and researching company websites to find the exact right email or phone number for the person you want to speak to. But you can’t find it. Why? People move from one position to another within companies, they are hired away by competitors, their IT department changes the format of email addresses but hasn’t had time to update the website to reflect the changes. Lots of reasons. Spending time trying to find contact info is not the best use of your time, but what else can you do? Steve Bryerton and the DiscoverOrg team have an option for you… let their team do that legwork for you. On this episode, you’ll hear how you can get a free trial of their service and experience the relief and power of instant, accurate sales intelligence, every time.

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What kind of accuracy does your sales intelligence contain?

Suppose you’ve spent hours gathering data to contact the right person within the company you’re about to pitch. You make the call. You send the email. And it’s the wrong number or extension. The email is returned as inaccurate. Going back to square one has never been so painful. Is there a better way? Steve Bryerton says there is. In fact, the team at DiscoverOrg are focused on finding solutions that problem every day. In this conversation, you can hear how Steve and his team are providing 95% accurate data to sales leaders all around the world.

Accurate, actionable, comprehensive data on your target buyers is available

Anthony’s guest on this episode of In The Arena, Steve Bryerton is a Sales Leader at DiscoverOrg, a company that provides datasets that contain the most accurate and robust sales and marketing intelligence available in the market. The company uses a proprietary combination of technology, tools, and integrations and then human-verifies the data at least every 60 days. That enables them to guarantee a level of accuracy no other data provider can deliver. Toward the end of this episode, Steve explains how you can get a trial of the DiscoverOrg service to discover just how accurate their data is, so don’t miss his amazing offer.

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Outline of this great episode

  • The state of sales data in 2018
  • What are the best data points salespeople need?
  • The number of contacts and accounts Steve recommends to be effective
  • The primary differentiation between Steve’s company and others who do the same thing
  • How you can get a trial of Discover.org and what you can expect from it

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What’s the most important piece of #sales intelligence that sales reps are in need of? @SteveBryerton @DiscoverOrgClick To Tweet
What kind of accuracy does your #sales intelligence contain? @SteveBryerton @DiscoverOrgClick To Tweet
Post by Anthony Iannarino on March 23, 2018

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