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Blog Category // 2023

B2B Sales: Why Mastering the Art of Decision-Making Outshines Offering Solution

If you asked a group of salespeople about the relationship they want with their clients and prospects, you would hear the ...
Information Disparity 2-part video series

Exploring the Impact of Long-Form Content versus Short Form Media in the Digital Era

Unveiling the depth and value of long-form content in a world captivated by TikTok and Instagram.

Mastering the Art of Modern Sales: How Innovative Strategies are Reshaping B2B Sales Dynamics

Wait until you see the massive research project I am working on now, involving comprehensive strategies for improving B2B ...

Maximizing Success in New Year's Resolutions: Strategies for Staying Committed

Discover how to beat the odds and maintain your New Year's resolutions with proven strategies and insights.

On Awareness and Coaching

There are two mistakes coaches routinely make, without knowing it. Because they are unaware of these mistakes, their results ...

One-Up Salesmanship: 40 Sales Tips for Empowering Clients to Succeed

Axiom 1: Do Your Homework Beforehand Always research and understand a client's business before you contact them. This prep ...

Embracing the Writer's Journey: Daily Blogging Insights and Inspirations

Starting the Journey of Daily Blogging

Reviving Traditional Sales Strategies: B2B Sales in the Era of Social Selling and Technology

Exploring the resurgence of outbound sales methods in the changing landscape of B2B sales, amidst the rise and fall of ...

Advanced B2B Sales Training Techniques: Transform Your Sales Team's Performance

Explore our comprehensive B2B sales training programs designed to adapt and thrive in the evolving business sales ...
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I write every day, but on major holidays, I don’t write my normal 1,000 words.

Embracing Deep Reading in a Digital Age: Strategies for Intellectual Growth

Discover how to counteract the shallowness of a post-literate society with effective deep reading strategies.

A Comprehensive Guide for Consultative Sales Techniques

Uncover the secrets of effective client relationship management and consultative sales strategies for lasting success.

Mastering Modern Sales: Beyond Pushiness to Consultative Expertise

There are people who talk about sales as if salespeople still sell like they would have in the 1970s and 80s. Those who ...

B2B Sales: Embracing a Client-Centric Approach for Modern Success

There are some who believe that B2B buying and selling have not changed over the last two decades. An unwillingness to face ...

Maximize Your Sales Impact: Read for Your Clients

Most salespeople read books that promise personal or professional development. It's crucial to work on increasing your ...

Maximizing Client Retention: Strategies for Long-Term Business Growth

Discover key strategies to not only win your dream clients but also to retain and grow their business effectively.

Elevating Business Acumen: The Key to B2B Sales Success

Unlock the secrets of outperforming in B2B sales by transforming into a savvy business advisor.

Unlock Success in Sales: The Strategic Advantage of Executive Briefings in First Meetings

Learn how an executive briefing can revolutionize your first meetings, setting the stage for a powerful, trust-based client ...

Maximizing Money in B2B Sales: The Essential Guide to Boosting Your Earnings

Maximizing Earnings in B2B Sales: Beyond Friends' Success Stories Many people who want to make more money try their hand at ...

Automation, Evil Geniuses, and the End of Outreach

Discover how automation is reshaping the landscape of sales outreach, from cold calls to emails, and what it means for the ...

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy: Mastering Value Creation for Enhanced Win Rates

Discover the secret to transforming your sales approach and standing out in a competitive market by mastering the art of ...
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