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Blog Category // 2023

How to Use Proof Providers

You want to wow your prospective client by sharing testimonials and case studies that prove you can help them improve the ...
3 Big Shifts

A Confluence of Forces Changing B2B Sales

In 1965, the futurist, Alvin Toffler wrote, "The acceleration of change in our time is, itself, an elemental force. The ...

What To Do After You Lose a Deal

No salesperson wants to lose a deal, especially a large enterprise-level deal. No matter how good you are in sales, losses ...

How Salespeople Must Deal with Recurring Sales Problems Proactively

Salespeople often run into problems during the sales conversation. When these problems recur over time, it can cause a ...

The Operator's Advantage: Moving from Operations to Sales

You are in an operational role, where your job is to execute what your salesperson sells. Occasionally, a salesperson asks ...

The 6 Types of Questions You Need in B2B Sales

Since forever, salespeople have been told, occasionally taught, and less frequently trained to use good questions. Despite ...

Leaders' Responsibility for Low Win Rates

Recently, Andy Paul shared with me that the average win rate in sales is 17 percent. That means it must be nearly impossible ...

B2B Sales Theory and Practice

I recorded a podcast with Andy Paul, Mike Bosworth, and Vince Beese. Andy started by addressing the idea that some people, ...

Discovering the Root Cause

The decision-maker sitting across from me was explaining how every company in my industry had failed him. He disclosed his ...
Sales Manager Challenge

Coaching Sales Managers: 10 Tips for Building Sales Leaders

Behind every successful sales team is a sales manager with incredible leadership skills.

The Sales Leader's First Decision

When you are building a sales force or a sales team, you will hire people that have been trained by other sales ...

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Coaching: Tools, Tips, and Tactics

Are you tired of mediocre results and missed targets? 

Too Much Faith In Your Solution

One outcome of solution selling was that sales organizations and their teams began to believe that their solution was what ...

8 Advanced Selling Techniques to Master in 2023 (+ Expert Insights)

Are you tired of using the same old sales techniques that fail to close deals and bring in new clients? 

Soft Skills Training for Sales Team: 7 Top Skills (+ Programs to Train Them)

“You can’t learn to be good at sales, it’s just something you’re naturally good at.”

Cold Outreach As It Is Practiced Today Is Dead

Social selling promised sales organizations they would no longer need to make cold calls to create new opportunities. When ...

How to Capture Mindshare

In recent posts here, I have suggested that success in sales is going to require professional expertise. As the uncertainty ...

Why Sales Leaders Must Prioritize Sales Effectiveness

Many sales leaders believe that they will achieve their sales goals by increasing the number of new opportunities their ...

Things That Are Not Your Fault But Are Your Responsibility

Something that helps you to be a good leader is to believe everything is your fault. A few days ago, there was a LinkedIn ...

The Problem with Prospecting Metrics

No sales leader will dispute that prospecting is critically important to generating new deals and net new revenue. Many ...

The Best Cold Call Script You'll Ever Need

My first job, which I started at age 12, was delivering newspapers. Making money meant knocking on every door in three ...
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