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Blog Category // 2024

OutBound 2024: The Return of Cold Calling and All-Bound Sales Strategies

Unlock the secret to mastering cold calling and all-bound sales strategies with OutBound 2024!
Information Disparity 2-part video series

How to Elevate Your Sales Strategy: Shift from Solution Selling to Strategic Empathy

Unlock the secret to skyrocketing your sales by shifting your focus from showcasing solutions to demonstrating strategic ...

How Technology is Destroying Relationships and What You Can Do About It

Discover the hidden ways technology is eroding our personal connections and learn actionable steps to reclaim meaningful ...

Sales Success: Master Elite Sales Strategies for Value Creation and Consultative Selling

Transform your sales game by leveraging the One-Up approach, a method that ensures you always stay ahead of your clients' ...

Eat Their Lunch: Proven Strategies and Real-Life Examples

In 2018, I published Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition. I still believe in that mindset and ...

Unlock Positivity and Success with "The Negativity Fast" - Transform Your Life Today

Discover how a powerful negativity fast transformed my life and can do the same for you.

The Young Patriots of the American Revolution: Ages and Lasting Impact

Discover the youthful courage that fueled the American Revolution! A large part of my library is of writing from the time of ...

Lost Art Of Closing and the Secrets of Gaining Sales Commitments: A Non-Linear Approach

Discover how mastering the art of securing multiple commitments can transform your sales strategy and boost your win rates.

Sales Success: Key Mindsets and Skills from The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

I had already written the book when the publisher approached me and asked if I had ever considered writing a book. I told ...
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The Top 11 Reasons You're Struggling to Increase Sales (and How to Overcome Them)

Discover the key obstacles holding you back from achieving your sales goals and learn actionable strategies to overcome them.

Proven Strategies for Consistently Increasing Sales Revenue: Insights from Leading Growth

Leading Growth: The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue was published towards the end of 2022. After writing ...

The Real Secret to Sales Success: Conversations over Collateral

I was 20 years old and working in a staffing company. Even though I wasn’t a salesperson, I had always made cold calls and ...

Debate Failures: Lessons from Presidential Mistakes for Winning Big Deals

Wonder how political debates can teach us about winning big deals in sales?

Why Waiting for Your Dream Client to Contact You Is a Sales Mistake

In the fast-paced world of sales, waiting for your dream client to reach out first can be a costly mistake.

Elevate Your B2B Sales Strategy with Proven Technique

Discover how to transform your B2B sales approach and achieve exceptional results.

Sales Transformation: The Rise of the Full Cycle Salesperson

Discover how the resurgence of the full-cycle salesperson is changing the sales landscape in modern businesses.

The Hidden Power of CRM: Unlocking Sales Potential

Discover how a well-utilized CRM can transform your sales strategy and boost your success.

Get Your Prospective Clients’ Attention Using Social Media

We have been living with social media platforms for quite some time now, and the research shows that you and I spend quite a ...

How Obsession and High Standards Drive Success in Business

Discover how obsession with high standards can be the key to transforming your business and surpassing the competition.

Sales Potential: B2B Sales Competencies in a Meritocratic Environment

Pursue your true sales potential by harnessing the unique gifts and competencies that drive B2B success.

Proven Strategies to Boost Your Sales Results Immediately

Focus on Sales Outcomes for Success. Worry less about activity and more about outcomes. Prioritize Sales Effectiveness over ...
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