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Elite Sales Strategies

In his fourth book, veteran sales leader and bestselling author Anthony Iannarino delivers an incisive and eye-opening roadmap to commercial success. The book teaches sales professionals to approach every sale from a position of authority and expertise. Emphasizing an ethical obligation towards the client that demands nuanced and helpful advice, salespeople will learn to fully utilize their strengths.

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(For bulk orders over 50 copies, please email support@iannarino.com)

A Strategy of Being One-Up

The factors that determine success and failure when it comes to creating value and becoming a trusted advisor is your ability to be One-Up.

The main concept in Elite Sales Strategies is the strategy of being One-Up, meaning you know more than your clients do, as it pertains to the decision your clients need to make to improve their results. Your client is One-Down, not because they are not smart, but because they don't buy what you sell often enough to know more than you do.

While you are One-Up when it comes to what you sell, you are almost certain to be One-Down when it comes to your client's business, especially how to understand and navigate their company. The sales conversation provides an opportunity to help your client move from One-Down to One-Up when it comes to the better results they need, while they help you out of your One-Downess when it comes to what you need to know to be One-Up.

The concept of One-Up is supported by nine factors that allow you to occupy the role of a truly consultative salesperson and become a trusted advisor by providing your clients with good counsel, excellent advice, and the recommendations that will speed your clients towards the better outcomes they need. 

This is Anthony Iannarino's fourth book exploring the modern sales approach. 

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The 9 Factors To Be One-Up




Anthony Iannarino cracks the code on the real secret to gaining a decisive competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace. His ‘One-Up’ methodology is a total game changer.

Jeb Blount

CEO of Sales Gravy and author of Sales EQ

Elite Sales Strategies is a modern sales playbook for reps who love being treated as partners instead of vendors. If you hate when prospects commoditize you and your product or service, you need to read this book.

Jason Bay

Founder, Outbound Squad

“The practical details in this book show you how to live with the 'One-Ups.' This isn’t about simply making a decent living in sales; it is about occupying permanent space in the elite world of the ‘One-Ups.’”

Jeff Shore

President, Shore Consulting

Anthony Iannarino is the second-best sales writer in the world. This is his best work!

Jeffrey Gitomer

Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

‘I know something you don’t know’ is a great game. Elite Sales Strategies provides the strategies and tactics for a truly consultative approach. A must-read!

Chris Champagne

CEO, Champagne Consulting Group Inc.

Anthony Iannarino speaker author trainer and coach

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