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Information Disparity & Value Creation

2-Part Video Course

This is the fastest way to improve your win rates and beat your competitors for deals.


We have just released the Information Disparity and Value Creation course to our Sales Accelerator clients. The course is around 25 minutes, and it comes with a 100+ page workbook. As you work through the video, you will be pointed to the pages with the exercises, so you can do the work.

Most of what you see on LinkedIn and other social platforms will not mention this most important B2B sales strategy. Instead, you will find way too much about cold outreach, and a lot of repackaged solution selling.

This course is built on the ideas in Elite Sales Strategies: A Guide to Being One-Up, Creating Value, and Becoming Truly Consultative.

My time selling a commodity caused me to search for strategies and create my own to win deals. This work is my soul as a salesperson. Once I found I knew more than my clients, I started using this strategy to win large clients.

The first half of this course will provide you with the strategy that is information disparity, or said another way, “I know something you don’t know, may I share it with you?” Educating your contacts is one way to create value, but there are more.

The second half of the course will help you create the kind of value that will cause your client to prefer to buy from you. The exercises will prepare you to use what you find in this B2B sales strategy.

In the future, we will charge $297 for this course, even though the workbook is worth more than that price. But action takers will pay only $97 for buying now.

To make certain you are able to execute what you learned, early buyers will be invited to a live virtual meeting to answer questions.

$500 discount on our Quarterly Cohort program + One Year of Sales Accelerator training!

If you buy this video course, we will send you a coupon code to use for our Cohort Executive Briefing program for a $500 discount! This program includes:

  • 3 months of live training to help you develop an executive briefing for your clients while working with Anthony and a group of your peers.
  • Access to monthly virtual events.
  • 12 months of Sales Accelerator, our on-demand training platform!
  • That's a full year of training & development for only $997!

If you'd first like to learn more about the Cohort program, click here.


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