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5-Part Video Course

Leading a High Performing Sales Organization

Learn to generate better sales results for your team or organization with this course for sales leaders. Includes a 5-part video series and a workbook.

Anthony in his loft teaching a course

What you will learn in this course:


Establishing a Hunter Culture

  • Rewarding opportunity creation
  • The pipeline meeting
  • Blocking time, outcomes, and prospecting sequences

Establishing Accountability for Results

  • What's missing in most companies
  • Getting the order right: financial, outcomes, then activity
  • Clear goals and direction
  • Clear understanding of your strategy?

Building Peers & Trusted Advisors

  • Why you are a commodity
  • Understanding the strategic value
  • 52% SME - acquiring business acumen and situational knowledge
  • Why change and how to change

Creating a Dynamic, Agile Sales Process

  • Non-linearity vs. linear thinking
  • Control the process
  • Methodologies that produce outcomes
  • Ability to build consensus



Coaching Discipline

  • How the best get better - caring enough to coach
  • Needs-based coaching - directive vs. non-directive
  • 1:1 meetings - personal and professional coaching
  • Team coaching and team lead meetings - a growth culture

$97 - Get the video course and workbook instantly!