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Leading Growth

Leading Growth book title

The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue

This book for leaders is available now!

Leading sales teams is no easy task. Increasingly ambitious revenue growth expectations coincide with the rise of an increasingly complex, sophisticated, and challenging marketplace, where disruptive change and uncertainty have become the new normal and selling has become that much more difficult.

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Resources referenced in the book such as my competency model, deal forecasting, and scorecards can be downloaded below!

Competency Model


Deal Forecasting


Team Scorecard


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What you can expect to learn

Leadership fundamentals

You'll become acquainted with the fundamentals of organizational leadership—like vision, transformation, communication, decision-making, and strategy.

Hands on solutions

Leading Growth delivers practical, hands-on solutions for sales professionals on the front lines. This is an accessible roadmap to sales growth for your team.

A proven formula

Anthony provides the formula for sales leaders, coaches, consultants, and other professionals working for, or with, growth-oriented firms.

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And get the proven formula for consistently increasing revenue.

Increase revenue and achieve sustainable sales growth and success

Leading Growth presents an engaging, easy-to-understand, and actionable blueprint for growing your sales numbers in any organization and in any industry. You’ll learn to apply the author’s two key formulas for growth as you harness effective leader- ship and maintain a laser-focus on revenue to increase profitability and sales.

In Leading Growth: The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue, veteran B2B sales professional and coach Anthony Iannarino delivers an expert guide to enabling revenue growth in your sales team. In the book, you’ll explore the fundamentals of organizational leadership, including vision, transformation, strategy, communication, and decision-making. You’ll also define new frameworks for growth involving the people, planning, pipeline, and efficacy that make up your strategy.

The author also presents:

  • Strategies to help salespeople create and win new opportunities for revenue growth
  • Ways to grow revenue when you’re required to deal with a “task force” or team of decision-makers who seem bent on preventing any kind of meaningful change
  • Methods for shortening an ever-lengthening sales cycle

An indispensable resource for salespeople and sales leaders at every level of organizations, Leading Growth will also earn a place on the bookshelves of consultants, coaches, and other professionals who serve revenue- and growth-oriented firms as they seek to expand.

Order your copy of Leading Growth

And get the proven formula for consistently increasing revenue.