1. Care More: You need to care more. You need to give yourself permission to passionately engage with the things that you choose to invest yourself in. There is nothing to gain from being dispassionate and transacting your way through life.
  2. Put Yourself First More: You are the only resource you have through which to produce any and all of the results you want to produce in this life. The greater that resource, the greater your capacity to make a difference. To do that, you have to put yourself first.
  3. Forgive More: First, there is you. So you botched things up? Who hasn’t? Say your sorry, forgive yourself, and move on. Then, extend that same forgiveness to anyone who has caused you harm. Set down the heavy baggage and leave it where it lies.
  4. Enjoy More: At the end of the ride, you are not going to be asked to insert another quarter to play again. You have to enjoy the time you have here. It will be less than you want, so you have to make it enough by enjoying the ride while you are on it.
  5. Read More: You need to read more books. You need to read more magazines. You need to read more content that helps you to understand yourself, your world, and your role in it. The most dangerous decision you can make is to allow your mind to stagnate, and your knowledge to become obsolete.
  6. Do More Meaningful Work: If you can die peacefully knowing that the emails in your inbox remain unanswered, you can live peacefully knowing those emails are still unanswered. You are not here to do trivial, meaningless tasks. You are here to do meaningful work that allows you to live your purpose. If you are not doing that now, immediately do something that is going to make a difference.
  7. Practice Gratitude More: Right now, stop reading. Write down things that you are grateful for now. If you want a stronger, more powerful, more optimistic mindset, start each day writing down what you are thankful for.
  8. Travel More: If you want to grow as an individual, travel more. If you want to take someone else’s perspective, go look at things from their view. You might believe that you are learning about another culture, and maybe you are. But mostly, you are going to learn something about yourself.
  9. Dream More: Humans are aspirational. We believe that we can be more, do more, have more, and contribute more. At some point, we become practical, and we give up dreaming. Don’t let your ability to dream die, and part of your soul with it. Dream more. You need a vision to guide you.
  10. Practice Compassion More: Not many things will do more for your overall mental state than practicing compassion, exercising a deep empathy for sentient beings. What you do to make life better or easier for another makes a difference, no matter how small or insignificant you believe it to be. A single act of compassion is a contribution to the greater good.
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Post by Anthony Iannarino on July 26, 2017
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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