Here are 8 observations about high performing sales organizations:

  1. Manage with Proper Metrics – High performing sales forces use a proper balance of activity metrics, outcome metrics, and financial metrics to measure results. They aren’t too heavy on lagging indicators, and they don’t believe activity tells the whole story.
  2. Use a Dynamic, Agile Sales Process – The highest performing sales forces have the ability to make decisions inside a structured sales process that changes to match accelerating, disruptive change. They are focused on outcomes, not inflexible rules.
  3. Create a Coaching Culture – The sales team members receive formal and informal coaching as the primary method to grow and develop their mindsets and skill sets. Everyone gets coaching, regardless of their level or tenure.
  4. Create Compelling, Differentiated Value – Ability to apply and execute company strategy and knows how to create compelling, differentiated value for their clients. They create a strong preference for themselves and their solution.
  5. Accountability for Results – Every team member is accountable for producing results and has a clear direction on what those results are, as well as the strategy for their attainment. The sales leaderships holds their sales force accountable, and they are accountable to their sales force in arming them to succeed.
  6. Build a Hunter’s Culture – High Performing Sales Organizations have a hunter culture that reinforces and rewards opportunity creation and opportunity capture. No one ever closes anything that they don’t first open. High performing sales organizations focus on creating opportunities.
  7. Peer and Trusted Advisor Role – High performing sales organizations focus on developing the sales force to possess the business acumen and situational knowledge of a peer and the ability to deliver tailored insights to their clients and prospects.
  8. Have a Cadence – The best sales forces use as regular, disciplined meeting cadence that includes a mix of short term and long term goals and KPIs. They practice territory and account reviews, pipeline reviews, opportunity reviews, and sales call plans and reviews.
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Post by Anthony Iannarino on November 29, 2016
Anthony Iannarino
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