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At then end of their buying cycle, buyers try to resolve their concerns. They want to be sure they’re making a good decision. Here is a list of their concerns. You can use this list to think about how you are going to resolve them.

Can I Trust You?

Buyers know that if something looks to good to be true, it is. Honesty and integrity may be table stakes, but if your buyers have even a shred of doubt that you can be trusted, your deal is lost.

Your dream clients first concern is that the trust the person they are hiring to help them.

Can You Deliver?

Buyers are always concerned about your ability to execute. This is why they want to see your work. It’s why they want to speak to your references.

To be one hundred percent confident in giving you their business, your dream client needs to know with great certainty that you can deliver.

Is This Value?

Your clients are willing to pay more for better results. But they’re always going to be concerned about getting the same result that they could have achieved by paying someone else less. If you can’t defend your differentiated, compelling value, then your dream client is going to have the kind of concerns that drive them to buy on price alone.

Your dream clients are always going to be concerned about price and value.

Is It Aligned With My Goals?

More and more, your dream clients are going to have to make the case that what you sell is going to help them achieve the one to three big goals they’re working on. Their leadership made some decisions about what they’re doing and where their going, and they are going to spend their time, their money, and their energy pursuing those goals.

Some of your dream clients will be concerned about your alignment with their company’s goals.

Do You Care About Me?

Sanders says, “Love it the killer app.” He’s right; caring is the killer app in sales. If you are self-oriented, you prove to your client that you care more about your sale or your commission than you do their results. If they can’t resolve their concerns about how much you care, they aren’t going to buy from you.

Some of your dream clients will be concerned that you don’t care enough about them or their business.

How Will I Be Judged for Making This Purchase?

If what you sell produces the results you promise, your dream client is going to look like a hero. If it fails, they’re going to look like a zero. Either way, they’re going to be judged on the wisdom of their decision to buy from you.

Some of your dream clients are going to be concerned on how you are going to make them look.

Will This Give Us An Advantage?

As you move up the org chart, people with more formal authority—especially those charged with leading the company—are going to be concerned about how you help make them more competitive in their space. They’re going to want to know why you are the best long-term partner for their business, and they’re going to want to know how they can get you to do your best work.

Some of your dream clients are going to be concerned whether or not you are big enough to be their partner.


What are your dream client’s most common concerns?

Why do they have these concerns? What gave rise to them?

How do you uncover their concerns?

How do you help them resolve their concerns?

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on December 11, 2012

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Anthony Iannarino
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