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Blog Category // 2012

A Fish Rots From the Head Down (a Note to the Sales Leader)

Jump to a section: What the Proverb "A Fish Rots from the Head Down" Can Teach Sales Leaders If You Are a Sales Leader, You ...
Information Disparity 2-part video series

Wiping the Slate Clean

It’s a funny thing the way our little corner of the universe is organized. Each day the earth makes one complete revolution ...

Some Thoughts on Negotiation (and Fiscal Cliffs)

I learned a lot about negotiation at Harvard Business School. I took classes from Max Bazerman (for my money, the best in ...

3 Ways B2B is Different from B2C

Business-to-business sales are different from business-to-consumer sales.

The Value Creator’s Code

I am a value creator.

Get Out From Behind Your Desk

Do you want to know how your clients are doing? Want to know what’s working for them, what’s not working for them, and what ...

Embrace Negative Feedback as a Learning Opportunity

Losing an opportunity is a form of negative feedback. Missing your number is a form of negative feedback too. Sometimes your ...

Merry Christmas, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Gratitude

Tonight I am most grateful for time with my family and good friends. Even though four separate Christmas celebrations in 48 ...
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How to Pick Up Your Dream Client

This morning, Amazon.com recommended that I buy a book by a British pick up artist. Now I have a rather eclectic taste in ...

A Passionate Plea for More Love and More Hope

The other day I spoke to my Toastmasters club. Usually when you speak, you don’t serve any other roles, especially in a club ...

Were Your Winners Really Winners?

You won accounts this year that you expected to help you put up big numbers. You have the ability to generate massive value ...

An Open Letter to Executive Management on Next Year’s Change

I know that no matter how well you did this year, you want to perform better next year. If this year was your best year ...

A Year End Trigger List for Salespeople

Next year is a fast upon us. But did you finish everything you need to finish this year? Here is a trigger list to help you ...

But, You Are Infected

Yesterday I wrote a post on exploring your beliefs to determine which of them may no longer serve you. Your beliefs drive ...

Escape from the Past Before You Step Into the New Year

Before you sit down and write your plan to make next year rock, take a few minutes (or longer, if you’re serious about your ...

I’m Worried About You

I am worried . . .

Being Responsive Versus Being Reactive

If you are waiting for your clients to need something, you’re being reactive.

How to Use Your Limited Bandwidth to Get Results

You’ll never have the time or the energy to do everything you need to do (If by chance this isn’t true for you, you aren’t ...

If You Didn’t Return to Work Tomorrow (For Sales Managers)

If you didn’t return to work tomorrow:

A List of Concerns Your Dream Clients Need You to Resolve

At then end of their buying cycle, buyers try to resolve their concerns. They want to be sure they’re making a good ...
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