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When it comes to making connections and getting attention in the marketing and sales arena, things are changing every day. New apps and social platform make it nearly impossible to keep up with all the opportunities to promote what you have to sell. Jill Rowley has been in the sales arena for a long time and her experience includes some of the first online ventures. She’s seen the way salespeople have become marketers and how the lines are being blurred. In this conversation she talks with Anthony about sales curiosity, helping prospects make changes to adapt to your solution, nurture sequences for prospects and customers, and how salespeople can stand out in the noisy social world. It’s a packed conversation you’re really going to enjoy.

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How curiosity helps the prospecting and sales process.

Jill Rowley is a naturally curious individual and with a background and education in business she’s become naturally curious about the way businesses work and turn a profit. On this episode of In The Arena you’re going to hear how her curiosity about businesses and their owners points her toward intelligent and revealing questions that fuel her prospecting and sales process. You’ll also get an earful of advice about how you can begin to think about the prospecting puzzle that will help you build trust based relationships rather than “sale based” pitches. You’re going to benefit greatly from this one.

Are you helping your sales prospects make the changes needed to adopt your solution?

Many sales professionals don’t recognize that in order for a prospect to take on your solution for their problem, they and their company are going to have to make some changes. Sometimes those are small changes and many times they are rather large. On this episode Jill Rowley shares how she goes about helping her prospects make the changes need to adopt her solutions and tells how that extra step has helped her close more and more sales and build long term relationships.

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What goes into an effective nurture sequence for prospects or clients?

Jill Rowley was on the forefront of developing nurture sequences when she worked in sales back in the early stages of the internet’s development. But she didn’t use emails and autoresponders. She used paper printouts of articles and brochures, hats and T-shirts, and postal mail. Nobody told her to do it, she intuitively knew that she needed to build the level of trust her prospects and customers felt toward her and wanted to be  useful to them in order to facilitate that process. If you’re a sales professional you’ve got to do the same thing. Find out how Jill advises you go about it, on this episode.

How sales professionals can stand out in the noisy social media world.

The saying, “Content is King” used to mean something, but now that the social media world has gotten to be so noisy, it’s no longer about content first – it’s about being noticed. It doesn’t matter if you create incredible content if nobody is able to see it through the noise and hustle of a busy social media feed. Jill Rowley has taken a different approach by using social media to find the individuals who need the solutions she has to offer and doing what she can to connect with them on more personal levels. With all genuineness she interacts, reshares, tweets, and makes conversation with them and their social circles. When the time comes for the pitch, she’s laid a foundation of familiarity that often translates into rapid trust. You can hear her story and how she manages her social media presence on this episode of In The Arena.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction to this episode’s focus on the Social Tools and his guest Jill Rowley.
  • Why Anthony believes Jill is successful in social because she was already successful.
  • Why Jill was successful right away at SalesForce.com
  • The power of curiosity for a salesperson.
  • Helping prospects make the changes needed to adopt your solution.
  • How salespeople are expected to be more like marketers these days.
  • Jill’s first experiences setting up nurture sequences and campaigns.
  • How sales professionals can stand out in the noisy world of social.
  • The direction technology is taking the sales process in the future.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on April 27, 2013
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