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Tony Hughes joins the podcast today with valuable insight on creating value and driving your sales conversation differently. Tony developed the RSVP selling methodology based on key elements to winning complex deals. Tony’s book, The Joshua Principle, builds a sales methodology around a parable. He knows that we either learn through repetition or emotional impact. Have your read enough repetitious sales books? Listen in for an emotional impact you can learn from. Tony uses powerful true stories to invoke an emotional connection to your real-life selling situations. He practices what he preaches and offers action items you won’t want to miss on today’s episode of In the Arena.

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Strategic or stuck?

Can you answer the question, What value do I bring to my employer and to my customer? Tony Hughes developed a value quadrant framework that allows you to work through your strategies. People like to think of themselves as strategic, but often have trouble translating it into real-world scenarios. Do you find yourself stuck at the transactional level? Stop overrating your own capabilities and move into the relational level. Tony believes in the power of relationship in selling. When you know your customer, you know if you are indeed adding genuine value-or not. Learn how to be the value, the wedge, and the delivery from today’s episode of In the Arena.

Good captains win wars, not generals

Tony Hughes’ methodology of RSVP selling establishes the framework needed to think about your sales process. The acronym is made up of Relationships at the right level, Strategy, Value, and Process alignment. Tony breaks down each key component to expose where your weakness lie. Oftentimes, you find a weak link in sales management. Learn the RSVP method today and how to mentor and coach it into your management team. The war is won through the captains you empower, not through you as a general.

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Get to the CEO of the problem

Can you identify who the decision makers are, versus the decision-influencers? Navigating through the levels of relationship can be a big hurdle in creating value for your clients. Tony Hughes speaks to the consensus decision making structure that salespeople are encountering more frequently. As a sales team, there are new responsibilities to divide and conquer as the availability of information to customers catches up with sellers. Are your relationships at the right level? Salespeople today need situational awareness to speak to both high level and lower level influencers. As you build relationships, get to the CEO of the problem.

Positioned in the Goldilocks zone

Changing the perception of value is much more difficult than simply dropping your price. Tony Hughes joins us today to address the big conversation of value. His formula of value for money is based on a good fit for purpose plus maintaining a low level of risk, divided by the total cost of ownership. Salespeople need to be better at using risk as a weapon and developing a mindset that the price sold to a client fits into a much bigger puzzle. Tony teaches to drive the conversations differently and focus on how the customer defines value. It is time to be technical and strategic, but not too much of either. Enter the Goldilocks zone on today’s episode of In the Arena.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Introduction of Tony Hughes.
  • What sets Tony’s book, The Joshua Principle, apart.
  • The value quadrant.
  • New responsibilities for salespeople.
  • The RSVP acronym.
  • Dealing with consensus decisions, at all levels.
  • Practical realities to sell in the real world.
  • Addressing value in relation to the price argument.
  • Tony’s best advice for salespeople out in the field.
  • The role of risk.
  • How to stay connected with Tony Hughes.

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