The human race has been creative and fortunate enough to create vaccines for many of the diseases that have wiped out literally millions and millions of lives. But there are diseases that still infect large, still unvaccinated populations, diseases that do terrible damages and that are still being spread.

The Vaccine for Negativity

There is nothing more harmful to your results than negativity. Once you allow negativity to take ahold of your thinking and your mindset, every result you produce will be less than it should be–and much less than you are capable of producing.

You are surrounded by people who are carriers of negativity. They are the critics, the cynics, and the slackers. Without meaning to, they can easily infect you with their disease. But there is a vaccine available to you now.

That vaccine is a positive, optimistic mindset. To acquire this vaccine, you have to shut off all the noise coming from those who spread the negativity and instead allow only positive, empowered beliefs systems to infect your mind. If you struggle here, pick up, read, and listen to everything you can by Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, and Anthony Robbins. Don’t take in anything else until you are vaccinated.

The Vaccine for Scarcity

One of the driving forces behind negativity and poor results is scarcity thinking. You have been led to believe that the there isn’t enough of anything to go around and that you can’t have what you want because someone else has more.

But scarcity is an infection of the mind, one you likely picked up without ever knowing you were infected. Scarcity is an hallucination. But there is a vaccine available to rid you of scarcity thinking, and that vaccine is abundance thinking.

To acquire this vaccine, you have to recognize abundance. You have to realize that there is more than enough money, food, water, and energy right now. You have to shed the scarcity mindset and realize that human resourcefulness, imagination, and creativity are limitless. You are capable of creating your own abundance and sharing it with others.

The Vaccine for Get Rich Quick Schemes

A lot of people struggle to do as well as they should because they have been infected with the idea that they can have what they want without effort and without creating any real value. There are whole industries built to feed this infection and perpetuate it.

You never lose weight by taking a pill. You never get fit in 8 minutes. And you never create wealth without hustling your tail off and creating value for other people.

The vaccine for get rich quick schemes is the hustle. Grinding out meaningful work day-after-day, week-after-week, and year-after-year is the one thing that will ward of get rich quick schemes, and it is the only thing that will create real wealth.

The Vaccine for I’ll Be Happy When

The one infection most people carry is the belief that they will be happy when something in their life is different. They tell themselves that they’ll be happy when they live somewhere else, when they have a different job, when they finally get married, or when they make more money.

This diseases causes the infected to postpone their happiness unnecessarily. Telling yourself that you’ll be happy later deprives you of living your best life now, in this moment. The vaccine for this has always been available, and it works immediately.

The vaccine for unhappiness is the decision to be happy now. It’s a decision you make, and you can make it at anytime.

Inoculate yourself against these diseases that, if left untreated, will destroy your mindset. And your results.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on February 5, 2015
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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