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Blog Category // 2015

My 2015 Balance Sheet

My last post of the year for three years running is a Balance Sheet.
Information Disparity 2-part video series

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Don’t Clean the Bathrooms

You want to lead your team by example. You want them to know that you wouldn’t ask them to do anything that you would not do ...

The One Person Who Deserves Your Total Honesty

You knew the answer to the question about who deserves your total honesty when you clicked the link that brought you here. ...

Companies Aren’t Loyal. People Are.

You haven’t worked with for . You’ve worked with certain people for that period.

The First Three Problems Building Consensus

Building consensus within your dream client account isn’t easy. These three problems occur even before you start making ...

The Greatest Sin

The greatest sin is not living up to your full potential. It’s squandering your gifts.

Predicting the Future Through What Endures

There are no changes in sales that happen so abruptly that you can predict that they will occur in any specific year. ...

What To Do During the Last Two Weeks of the Year

There is a lot of whining this time of the year about how no one is in the office, and there is no work that a salesperson ...

Jim Keenan on What Is Not Taught – Episode 46

Today we hear about what we are not being taught to be successful, from Jim Keenan. Jim’s new book, Not Taught, represents a ...
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The Hustler’s Playbook: Planes and Trains

Both a plane and a train can transport you from point A to point B. But there are differences in how they get you there.

How Procurement Can Fail Their Company

A procurement executive recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about how salespeople aren’t good at cold calling.

Other Mediums > Social Media and Email

Social media has a place in selling. It can be the right medium for some outcomes.

The Order of Your Work

Here is one way you might think about the order of your work.

If You Love Your Product

If you love your product, don’t expect it to sell itself.

The Most Important Question To Ask When Hiring

“As your manager, what is the one area where I am going to struggle with you? Where are we going to have trouble?” There is ...

What America Means

America isn’t a country so much as it is an idea.

How To Create Breakthrough Results

A breakthrough is the result of smaller breakthroughs. Here is the recipe:

In Praise of the Suit and Tie

When I was a teenager, the last thing in the world I could ever imagine myself doing was wearing a suit and tie. I thought ...

You Own It

You own it.

Managing Oneself Well

Managing oneself well isn’t easy.

The Entrepreneur’s Curse

Entrepreneurs suffer from a curse. Or maybe it’s a disease. It prevents them from producing the results that they want to ...
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