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The Hustler’s Playbook: Planes and Trains

Both a plane and a train can transport you from point A to point B. But there are differences in how they get you there.

How Procurement Can Fail Their Company

A procurement executive recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about how salespeople aren’t good at cold calling.

Closing Faster

The unsolicited email pitch offered me the chance to close deals 500% faster than I am closing them now. Outstanding. Who ...

Other Mediums > Social Media and Email

Social media has a place in selling. It can be the right medium for some outcomes.

The Order of Your Work

Here is one way you might think about the order of your work.

If You Love Your Product

If you love your product, don’t expect it to sell itself.

The Most Important Question To Ask When Hiring

“As your manager, what is the one area where I am going to struggle with you? Where are we going to have trouble?” There is ...

What America Means

America isn’t a country so much as it is an idea.

How To Create Breakthrough Results

A breakthrough is the result of smaller breakthroughs. Here is the recipe:

In Praise of the Suit and Tie

When I was a teenager, the last thing in the world I could ever imagine myself doing was wearing a suit and tie. I thought ...