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It’s not how smart you are.

There are people who are succeeding wildly now who are nowhere near as smart as you are. You know more than they do, and you may have a higher IQ, but they are still producing better results than you are in some area.

It’s not all EQ, either.

There are people who have less emotional intelligence than you have who are generating incredible results. Even though they lack empathy and have limited self-awareness, they are still successful by some measurement.

It’s not resources alone.

Some of the people who are producing the results that you want don’t have anywhere near the resources that you have. They don’t have the money or the connections that you have. But they are succeeding in some area where you are struggling.

It’s not potential.

There are some people with far less potential than you have who are out-producing you. On some measure, your results should be way better than the results they’re getting. But you lag far behind them.

The difference between you and the people who are producing better results in an area where you would like to be producing those same results is that they have different beliefs and take different actions.

  • Hustlers don’t feel a sense of self-doubt. When they do, it doesn’t stop them from acting. They don’t believe that they are incapable of producing the results they want in their lives.
  • Hustlers don’t believe they will fail, and they aren’t ashamed when they do. They don’t allow their fears to stop them from acting.
  • Hustlers don’t feel that they need permission, a certificate, or some external validation. They move forward, doing what they want to do, and they figure things out as they go.
  • And hustlers aren’t comfortable being comfortable. They have to be more and do more. They can’t not hustle.

You have the same potential as the hustler. The difference is in your beliefs and your actions.

Post by Anthony Iannarino on November 21, 2015

Written and edited by human brains and human hands.

Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. He is the author of four books on the modern sales approach, one book on sales leadership, and his latest book called The Negativity Fast releases on 10.31.23. Anthony posts daily content here at TheSalesBlog.com.

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