You have your scripts, and your prospects have their scripts. If your script is good and effective, you can schedule an appointment with your dream client. But if their script is better than yours, your request to meet will be denied.

There are only four or five objections to a meeting, and they boil down to one big issue. First, the objections.

We Are Happy

The first objection you should expect to hear most often is that your dream client is happy with their present provider. They know and understand that if they are happy then there is no reason for them to change and the outcome you are seeking means change.

Asking your dream client what they are unhappy about why you are on the phone asking for an appointment is ineffective, and it is why they have such an easy time saying no.

We Don’t Use

We used to call this “no need.” Look, if they don’t spend money on what you sell, there is no reason to meet. That works perfectly for both you and your dream client. They don’t want you to waste their time, and you don’t want to waste your time.

I once had a prospective client who spent $1 million a year who believed they didn’t use very much of the service I sold. At his last company, they spent $14 million a year. But this objection works, and you should expect to hear it.

Now Is Not A Good Time

There is never a good time. Your dream client is never going to be less busy, at least not so much so that they hope to invest time with salespeople.

This objection is a way to get rid of salespeople. You want to be respectful of your dream client’s time. When they’re super polite, they will allow you to make a commitment to call them back in a few months. That’s a positive rejection, but a rejection nonetheless.

Mail Me Information

Now this objection sounds like, “Can you email me some information?” Your prospective client doesn’t want your information. There is no brochure that you can provide that they’re going to take home and study, hoping that you are the answer to all their prayers. There is no white paper or case study that’s going to cause them to call you back and beg you to sell them.

“Mail me information” is another positive rejection that gives you something to do to keep you busy while getting you off the telephone.

You might hear something about “not having a budget,” or, “we need to wait until” some future event occurs. None of these prevent them from meeting with you, exploring the nature of their challenges, or determining what they may want to do in the future. There simply ways to make a salesperson go away.

The One Real Objection

If you are going to be successful in sales, you need language for every one of these objections. You need a script that promises that you will create value that has nothing to do with you “introducing yourself and your company” to your dream client.

Your sales call value proposition needs to be something that improves your contacts even if they never buy from you. Answering that question is what will allow you to overcome objections. The real reason behind these objections has nothing to do with the objections written above and everything to do with the lack of perceived value in your pitch.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on December 4, 2015
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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