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Today we hear about what we are not being taught to be successful, from Jim Keenan. Jim’s new book, Not Taught, represents a journey of discovery in how giving gives back, even when you are not expecting it. The story of the book began when Jim was asked to give a speech to graduates about what they really needed to know going forward. The speech funneled into a blog post, which stuck with Jim. He then turned it into an ebook, did more research, added to it, and eventually became the published version it is today. So what is it that graduates these days need to know? What are we not being taught? Jim says that our parent’s generation believed one way: get a good job and work there forever. That has all changed. The world these students are entering is playing by different rules that their parents could not have prepared them for. Tune in for the education you may have missed, on today’s episode of In the Arena.


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The time is now to get paid to think

During the industrial age, a boss would have scoffed at the idea of paying someone to think. That mindset was a joke. No one approached their boss with ideas, instead everyone had their place and expectations. Today, Jim Keenan says companies are desperate for thinking people. It is all about creatively solving problems. There are no longer steps to follow, roles to assume, and one way to operate. The old industrial age mindset is a disadvantage when entering today’s market. Big companies lay employees off when the economy shifts and are no longer a long-term reliable basket to put any of your eggs in. Jim wants to prepare you for the information age, which creates room for thinking and for ideas to matter. Find out today if you are really embracing the change this age is bringing, with Jim Keenan as he shares insights from his book, “Not Taught.”

What is your reach?

“Reach” and “brand” are two buzzwords Jim Keenan wants you to be able to define for yourself. Your reach is the ability for people to find you. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Is it current and complete? Without utilizing tools like this, you are inhibiting your own chances of being noticed, known, and ultimately hired. The importance of reach really comes down to how many people can you influence? How can you move your message through people and get them talking about it. Reach is not a new idea, it has always been important, but why? People pay for reach. If you can connect yourself to people, and people to people, you can move whatever you want through those groups, and they will react. Listen in to start discovering your own reach.


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Not Taught: It’s branding season

The next thing Jim Keenan advises to be thinking about is your brand. Who are you and what do you want to be known for? There is often a lack of trust in oneself to figure out a brand and work on it. Many people find themselves stuck between thinking it is too late to start working on their brand and waiting for approval to develop one. Having a brand creates massive value. One perspective Jim speaks to is the younger millennials mixed up in the industrial age mindset and influence of their parents, with no green light motivation to move forward. Jim calls you forward into asking where it is you want to go and how to start moving that direction. It is time to embrace your brand.

Shifting out of autopilot

The first step you take creates something necessary: movement. If you find yourself stuck on autopilot, you need to make a move. Yes, you will be forced to ask questions for yourself and shift your brand. Jim Keenan does not want you to hold yourself back, or worse, be boring. Is fear holding you back? Fear of how people will react to you? A lot of people think they are okay if they are not getting negative reactions. But what if you embraced the struggle and stopped to think about what you really want to be good at and known for? Many adults are completely rooted in the 20th century, but attempting to live in this century. And a lot of these people, as long as they don’t screw up, will be fine. But that is autopilot. Get ready to shift gears on this episode of In the Arena.


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Outline of this great episode

  • Introduction of today’s guest, Jim Keenan.
  • What compelled Jim to write Not Taught.
  • The different age we are now living in.
  • The new message for today’s emerging graduates.
  • Dissecting the term “reach.”
  • Dissecting the term “brand” for both youth and adults.
  • The fear involved in “figuring it all out”.
  • Jim’s own journey.
  • Diving into the chapter entitled, “Don’t Be Boring.”
  • Addressing a listener’s email and affirming Jim’s book.
  • The most exciting part of Jim’s new book.

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