A breakthrough is the result of smaller breakthroughs. Here is the recipe:

  • Decide: The journey of a thousand miles doesn’t begin with a single step. It begins with a decision. A breakthrough requires that you finally decide that your current results are no longer good enough. Sometimes you have to reach “threshold,” that place where you can’t–or won’t–allow things to continue the way they are now. Threshold, the unwillingness to accept things as they are now, is a mini breakthrough of its own.
  • Abandon Limiting Beliefs: The results you are producing now are the results of your beliefs. If you want a breakthrough in some area of your life, you have to identify and abandon the beliefs that underlie those results. You’ve been infected with your beliefs for a long time. They are as comfortable as an old pair of blue jeans. Your second breakthrough is your willingness to look at some area of your life with new eyes. Abandoning a belief that no longer serves you is another small breakthrough on your path to larger breakthroughs.
  • Adopt a New Empowering Belief: The proof that you have abandoned a limiting belief and adopted a more empowering belief will be visible in your actions. New beliefs will cause you take new actions that produce new and better results. But mouthing the words about new beliefs won’t suffice. You have to change what you are doing, or the belief has not changed. Adopting a new belief is in itself a breakthrough. Just try to recall the last time you changed a long-held belief.
  • Take Massive Action: Breakthroughs aren’t the result of small, inconsistent actions. Breakthroughs are the result of massive, consistent actions taken over time. The first little while you take some new action, it looks and feels like nothing is happening. It takes time for the consistent actions to stack up enough for you to recognize that you are progressing. Getting yourself to take massive action is a small breakthrough on your way to greater breakthroughs.
  • Persist Through the Plateau: Breakthroughs don’t come easily or quickly. You have to take massive, consistent action for a longer time than you believe should be necessary. At some point on the way to your breakthrough, you will hit a plateau. The “plateau” is the point when most people give up and give in because they don’t see the progress they are making. That’s why they never breakthrough. The new and better results you want are right on the other side of the plateau. But you have to break through by refusing to give up.

In what area are you going to make your next breakthrough?

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on December 11, 2015
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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