This license entitles the holder to hunt for new opportunities. In exchange for this privilege, the holder will obey the following rules and guidelines:

  1. The holder of this license will be required to pick up the phone and call their prospective clients. The holder of this license agrees not to use email as the only method of scheduling meetings. The licensee will be permitted to use email as a follow up to phone calls and voicemails. Provided the holder of this license develops a prospecting cadence that includes other forms of communication, email will be permitted, as long as it is not the dominant medium.
  2. Licensee agrees they are responsible for developing a list of dream clients and for maintaining a record of those clients as proof that they are targeting clients for whom they can create breath-taking, jaw-dropping, earth-shattering value. While other opportunities are permitted, all hunters are strongly encouraged to responsibly use this license to win meaningful clients who will value them as a partner. Some prospective clients are too small and must be preserved until their need grows to be worthy of the license holder’s time and attention.
  3. The licensee agrees that any over-reliance on leads or marketing will result in the loss of this license. In the event we execute this clause, the licensee will be provided with the less valuable and undesirable “order-taker” license, which limits their role to inside sales, regardless of the loss of income or opportunity. The holder is eligible and encouraged to reapply in twelve months.
  4. This license requires the hunter to exercise professional persistence. The holder agrees not to make a single attempt to contact their prospective client without following it up with additional efforts. A single attempt to schedule a meeting without further attempts will prove that the holder of this license does not possess the mindset necessary to be provided with the rights and privileges of a license holder. If found guilty, the hunter will not be eligible for a new license until they prove they are mature enough to be trusted with a license. If the holder of this license can determine the prospect is disqualified, they are permitted and encouraged to stop their pursuit immediately.
  5. While in possession of this license, the holder must spend no less than sixty-minutes every day on the telephone. If the licensee is unwilling to exercise their privilege to hunt, this body retains the authority to revoke the license and give it to the many people who are waiting for their opportunity. Evidence that the licensee is not hunting in their territory isn’t fair to the prospective clients, as they need help, and they deserve someone who is going to do the work to create an opportunity to help them with better results.
  6. Special Note: Any attempt to hunt on LinkedIn by sending a connection request that is followed by a message pitching an appointment will result in the immediate loss of your license for a term of five years. Including a link to your calendar and asking the prospect to schedule with you will result in an automatic loss of your license for life.
  7. The holder of this license also agrees to trade enough value for the time they are requesting from their prospective clients. Proof that the holder’s intent to provide value in excess of the time they are asking for includes possessing a theory about how their client might produce better business results, solve a systemic problem, gain some advantage in their market, capitalize on some opportunity, or avoid some future harm. If there is a question over whether the value was great enough, the client will be required to testify that they are better off after having the meeting.
  8. The hunter agrees to be humane in their pursuit of their dream clients, doing nothing to cause them undue pain or suffering, avoiding anything that an objective observer might see as a form of cruelty or torture. Hunter agrees not to force their dream client to sit through a slide deck about how excellent their company is, their global footprint, logos from their large clients, and a pitch as to why they should buy from the hunter will result in losing their license until such a time they are capable of demonstrating they have changed their approach to the sales conversations. The rule here refers to the laws and regulations passed during the Atlanta Conventions of 2017, 2018, and 2019, presided over by Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino, Mark Hunter, Mike Weinberg, and Victor Antonio.
  9. The licensee agrees to prepare for their first meeting, doing the necessary research, building an agenda, developing a list of questions, and providing insights and ideas around why your dream client should change. Wasting the client’s time will result in a fine of $1,250 for the first incident, a penalty that doubles on a second occurrence. A third offense in twelve months will require the holder to sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door for a period of no less than sixty days. As the Atlanta Conventions (Section C, Rule 111.14) outlined in the 2019 accords, “Having people telling you no and throwing you off their porch reminds you how much they value their time.” While many of the delegates at the Convention believed this punishment to be too harsh, it was overwhelming supported and has been ratified.

This license is not transferable and must be renewed every year. The price of this license is the full commitment of the holder to study their craft, hone their skills, and exercise the discipline to do the work.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on January 9, 2020
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