The buyer at your dream client wants to buy from you. They trust you, and they believe you care about them. They are confident that you are the right choice. But because decisions are emotional—and justified with logic after the fact—they can have a tough time selling you to their organization.

It’s even tougher for a buyer to sell you when all things aren’t equal, like when you have a higher price than your competitor. It’s your job in sales to make things unequal and influence deals in your direction, but it’s also your job to help your client explain the imbalance within her company.

Justify Why Your Price is Higher

You aren’t competing on price. But someone within your dream client company is always going to ask about price. They’re going to check and make sure that they couldn’t obtain the same outcomes at a lower price. This isn’t a problem if you are there to make the case when the question is asked; you know how to sell the difference between price and cost.

But what if you aren’t there? What if your buyer is alone when that question is asked?

If you want your buyer to be able to defend your higher price, you have to arm her to do so. You have to give her written talking points and help her make the defense. If you know that your price is going to be an issue, then you build your defense before your price comes under attack.

You can easily win deals with a higher price than your competitors. But you can’t easily win those deals if you and your buyer can’t explain why you have a higher price.

Justify Why Your Solution is Different

Sometimes your solution looks different than your competitors. Much of the time it’s the things that you do different that make a difference for your client. The fact that your solution looks different to some people within your dream client company can mean to them that it has to be wrong. You avoid a lot of this by working with the stakeholders who have no formal authority to give you a deal early in your sales process and getting them on board. But you need to prepare your buyer to defend what you do different.

Your buyer is unarmed if you haven’t provided her with the reasons your approach is different. She can’t easily make the point if you haven’t given her the deep understanding as to why you do what you do different, and more importantly, how it makes a difference in your results.

You have to give her the ability to justify her decision to choose you. When you know that the differences in your solution and your competitor’s are going to raise eyebrows, then you have to provide your buyer with the reasons that is so. Otherwise, you leave her defenseless.

Your buyer is going to have to justify her decision to choose you, especially when things are unequal. It’s your job to ensure that she is armed to do so. Otherwise, she won’t have failed to defend you; you will have failed to defend her.


Are you always present when your solution or your pricing comes under attack?

What do you need to provide your buyer in order to allow him to make a defense of your solution or your price?

What’s the best format to provide them with what they need to defend you and your solution from attacks?

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on September 29, 2012
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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