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  1. Engage in a Process that Doesn’t Serve You: Sales process is for sales managers to forecast. It has nothing to do with real sales calls. If your prospective client wants you to fill out an RFP, RFQ, or RFI, do it. If they want an arms-length process, give them what they want. It’s all a transaction anyway.
  2. Sell to Everyone: Everyone needs what you sell. Make sure you sell hard and pitch every prospect in your territory. If they don’t believe they need what you sell, then you aren’t doing a good enough job pitching and evangelizing your product, service, or solution.
  3. Skip Discovery: You’ve spoken with hundreds of clients before, haven’t you? You’ve seen and heard it all. You know what your prospects need. Why waste time listening to them recount all their challenges when you can get straight to the solution that you know is right.
  4. Be Self-Oriented: Make sure that your client knows that you are focused on a win-win. Let them know that you intend to make this deal as good for you as it is for them, or maybe even a little bit better. Let them know how much you personally stand to gain in the way of commissions so they are even more motivated to help you.
  5. Pitch Early and Often: Your product, service, and solutions are great. You have unmatched features and benefits. Start every conversation with a deep dive into the features and benefits, and pitch like the devil. Your prospective client needs to know how good you really are.
  6. Don’t Listen: Nothing your client has to say could be as important as what you have to say. Wait patiently until they are done speaking, and then get right back to pitching. If they still feel the need to share with you, pitch them harder. You might only get one chance!
  7. Ask for Commitments You Haven’t Earned: Always be closing. ABC. Start closing for a commitment to buy right out of the gate. Remember, you need to attempt to close five times in order to win, and the sooner you get through all five closes, the sooner you win the business. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t built trust; your client will learn to trust you after they buy.
  8. Work Only with “Authority”: You don’t have time to waste with people who can’t help you win a deal and put money in your pocket. You need to speak with “The Man.” Refuse to spend time with anyone who doesn’t have the formal authority to press hard while signing your contract.
  9. Don’t Follow Up: It’s not your job to follow up with your prospective client. If they really want an answer to their question, they’ll reach out and let you know. You need to stay busy pitching other prospects, and you don’t have time to go over the same ground with people who aren’t capable of making up their minds.
  10. Sell What You Want to Sell: It doesn’t matter what your client wants. You know better than they do. You know what’s good for them. If they were as smart as you are, they wouldn’t have the problems they have now, would they? Sell them what you believe is right for them.
  11. Play Your Competitor’s Game: If your competitor does something, match it. If they change their offering, you change yours to match it. Make sure your client knows that you are exactly like your competitor and you can do anything they can do.
  12. Underestimate Your Competition: Losers. You’re better than they are. You shouldn’t even have to compete against them. They’re worthless and weak. They have no chance of beating you for a deal. Don’t even think about them.
  13. Focus on the Price: Everyone knows that people only buy on price. Do everything in your power to reduce your price, even if you have to fight with your manager to gain additional discounts. If what you sold was really worth more, people would be beating a path to your door.
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Post by Anthony Iannarino on July 31, 2014
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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