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Blog Category // 2014

My 2014 Balance Sheet

Another year ends, and it’s time for an accounting.
Information Disparity 2-part video series

The 7 Things You Must Leave Behind to Get Ahead

To move forward, you have to leave some things behind.

Knowing and Doing

Dan Pink is one of my favorite writers. To Sell Is Human should be required reading, especially for non-salespeople who have ...

My Top Ten Posts in 2014

Michael Hyatt just posted a list of the top viewed posts on his site in 2014. For the reasons he outlines in his post, it’s ...

Get Back On the Horse That Threw You

It’s easy to fall off a horse, especially a difficult horse to ride. But it’s also easy to get right back on that horse.

Ending the Year Strong

There is a great little book called Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelley. Gene was the Chairman and CEO of KPMG when was ...

What I Learned Writing 2,000 Blog Posts

The blog metrics plugin in my WordPress install reports that this is my 2,000th blog post. It tells me that the words that I ...

Are You the Source of Toxicity?

Some people don’t know that they are the source of toxicity within their own company. They don’t recognize that they are the ...

My New Friend, El Gato

The last thing I wanted in this world was a cat.
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What To Do With a Single Hour

In a single hour you can:

The Case Against Content Marketing and Inbound Alone

There are more people who will not happen upon your content marketing efforts than people who will. You may get a fair ...

5 Things That Are Never Finished

Prospecting: No matter how good your sales, no matter how solid your business, you can never stop prospecting. You can and ...

Choose Excuses or Reasons

One of the ways that the human ego protects itself is by rationalizing, by making excuses that absolve you of responsibility ...

Bottom Fishers Find Bottom Feeders

A bottom fisher is someone who fishes for bottom feeders.

Resolution or Transformation

So, you’ve changed have you? This year you kept your promises, and the changes you’ve made are visible, huh?

How to Play the Long Game

“You’re an animal like the other animals or you’re something different, something higher, and known to be different and ...

11 Observations on How Groups Decide to Change

People have a tough time deciding to change. Until they don’t. When their dissatisfaction reaches threshold, they make the ...

What I Want to Tell Young People

There will be people more talented than you are. There will be many people who are brighter than you are. There will be ...

There Is No Such Thing As Time Management

You can’t manage time. You can’t find any additional hours. You don’t have any more time in a day, a week, a month, or a ...

34 Things You Need to Make a Deal

The discipline to make your calls. A sense of optimism. Determination. A commitment for a first meeting. A compelling reason ...

The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Value Themselves II

Hustlers value themselves. And they’re not afraid to capture some of the value that they create.
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