The hustler holds themselves to a higher standard. Not just a higher standard than any one else would expect of them, but also to a higher standard than most people set for themselves.

You Will Be Judged for Your Standards

Others will judge you for your standards.

The non-hustler types would have you lower your standard. They want you to join them in mediocrity. The fact that your standard is so high makes them feel bad about themselves. Your higher standards reminds them of their own unwillingness to be more, to do more, and to have more. Without ever meaning to, you can make non-hustlers feel inadequate.

Some non-hustlers will attack you for your standards. They will tell you that you “forgot where you came from,” or ask you if “you are too good” for them once you start to grow and achieve greater things. A few non-hustlers will tell you how happy they are for your success when that isn’t really how they feel; they will feel envy. Without meaning to, and sometimes without even being aware of it, some non—hustlers will resent your high standards.

You Judge Yourself By Your Standards

You measure yourself by your standards.

You have a higher standard because you expect more of yourself. You recognize that you are capable of more, and you know that you still have a lot of room to grow. You believe that you can be more.

You have a higher standard for yourself because you are deeply aware of your purpose, your mission, your vision, and you know that you have a contribution to make.

You have a higher standard because you want an exceptional life, and because you know that you have to produce exceptional results in order to build that extraordinary life.

Your People Want You to Raise Your Standards

High standards are important. It matters a great deal with whom you surround yourself.

Some people with lower standards will try to pull your standards down to a level with which they are comfortable. This is how you find your way to mediocrity.

People with standards higher than yours will expect you to raise your standards, and by doing so, stretch you even further, helping you to grow.

The people that care most about you will want you to raise your standards and become the biggest, best version of yourself possible, perhaps a version you don’t yet recognize. People who don’t care about you will ask you to lower your standards, sacrificing your potential to make them more comfortable or because they fear losing you.

Raise your standards.

Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
July 9, 2016