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Intentional, Genuine, Human Connection & Prospect-Focused Sales with Alex Fisher, Ep #4 

Post by Podcast Fast Track
April 25, 2021

Are you ready to put the “relationship” back into customer relationship management systems? My guest on this episode of the Anthony Iannarino show will talk to us about doing just that. Her name is Alex Fisher — and she’s the Co-Founder and President of Sherpa CRM. It’s a CRM like you’ve never seen before. This won’t be a technical discussion about CRM systems, but more of a conversation about some of the ideas and concepts behind her CRM software that will be helpful for you to understand. I’m excited to share this conversation with you because Alex is very passionate about genuine human connection and she deeply understands what it takes to have prospect-focused sales. Listen to this episode to learn what it means to put the “relationship” back into customer relationship management systems!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • What the nature and meaning behind the name of Sherpa CRM is
  • The path that brought Alex to the point of doing what she does now
  • How Alex enables salespeople to help their prospective clients make tough decisions
  • The mistakes that lead salespeople to be wrestlers instead of dancers
  • Gaining consensus when salespeople are walking several people through an emotional decision-making process
  • What a trust breakthrough is
  • Where to find more information about Sherpa CRM

What is the meaning behind the name of Sherpa CRM?

Most of us are loosely familiar with the term sherpa. In actuality, the word sherpa means “people from the Himalayas” but according to Alex, it has been misappropriated to mean “guide” in the West. To Alex and her business partner David, a sherpa is a person that’s very familiar with difficult terrain or territory and serves as a guide for people that have a motivation or a need to travel that terrain.

They chose this name for their business because of the nature of their work. It all started with selling senior living communities to older adults that were contemplating a very difficult and expensive life-changing decision — the most expensive decision of their lifetime. Not to mention the emotional cost of making the change, which is momentous. For years, they saw an industry lost in inefficient and impersonal sales funnels and so that’s why they developed Sherpa CRM — to help elevate the industry. Listen to hear more about how Alex and David made this necessary pivot!

The mistakes that lead salespeople to be wrestlers instead of dancers

The idea with sales is that we want to lead our prospects in the direction where we want them to go. But we have to take care not to go too fast, or try to steer them in a direction that they’re not able to go in or that they’re not ready for. It’s a delicate dance.

One of the mistakes that can lead salespeople to be wrestlers instead of dancers, is being unaware of our intention and letting our ego drive and try to wrestle control of the situation. This type of mistake is rooted in fear. Fear that we won’t get results, or fear that we won’t make our commissions, or fear that we’ll look stupid, etc. Listen to this episode to hear this and several more mistakes that lead salespeople to be wrestlers instead of dancers. They are sure to cause a paradigm shift in the way you understand the delicate dance of sales!

What is a trust breakthrough?

I asked Alex what a trust breakthrough is and amazingly… it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s when a prospect lets their guard down and lets you in. It’s when a prospect is vulnerable and opens up to tell you what was hidden before — and you’re going to be in a much better position as a result of it.

Not only have you made a breakthrough in your understanding of their unique situation, but they will have made a breakthrough as well because they’ve shared it with you. This is how we know we’ve built enough trust — because the prospect is understanding your intention and is willing to open up and share this deeper information with you. Listen to this episode for more about why you NEED a trust breakthrough with your prospects!

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Post by Podcast Fast Track on April 25, 2021

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