I borrowed this riff from my friend Chris Brogan. Like a lot of things Chris has given me, choosing three words around which to build my goals and projects for the coming year has been a very helpful framework. I started working on my three words more than two months ago. It’s that important.

My three words for last year were pivot, frames, and margin. In 2013, they were platform, lean, and tribes.

Order: As I get older, I more and more need order. I am compelled to eliminate clutter, physical and otherwise. This motif is about order, mindfulness, discipline, and systems in all areas of my life. In order to produce better and faster results, everything must be streamlined and in its place. Margin helped. Lean helped. But they haven’t been enough as my life has gotten increasingly complicated.

Depth: Because I am naturally very curious, I can easily find myself following some new path. While reading something, I can be introduced to an idea, only to find myself moving from one area of study to a brand new one. Reading widely, learning a bit about a lot of things, and being curious isn’t a bad thing. Depth is about going deeper in fewer areas instead of going wider. I started on this path this year when I started reading differently. Now I am applying to other areas of my life. As I have worked on planning my projects and goals, it’s amazing how useful this theme has been.

Lifestyle: This isn’t really the right word, but it’s the right theme. It’s not about being acquisitive. It’s about something bigger and more meaningful. The decision to live the exact life you want to live is yours alone. For a long time I have arranged some areas of my life around some of my priorities, but not always the right priorities, and often without balance. In some cases, this has served me extremely well. But in other ways, it has been an obstacle for me, preventing me from living the exact life I want to live. 2015 is, in part, about continuing to make some fundamental changes here.

What three themes do you need to choose to shape your goals in 2015?

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Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
January 1, 2015
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