How you spend your time reveals your priorities. The investment of your focus and attention provides a picture of what you believe to be important.

If you believe that new client acquisition is important, that belief is visible in the actions that you take, like nurturing your dream clients, prospecting, and asking your existing clients for referrals. If new client acquisition is important these are the things you do every day.

If your priority is making more money, then your desire to improve your financial picture is visible in the activities that you take. You come in early. You stay late. You eat lunch at your desk (if you eat lunch at all). And you absolutely do the prospecting work described above. A hustler’s work week looks very different than an employee’s work week.

If your priority is to develop lifetime relationship with your clients, the actions you take include frequent communication, intimate knowledge of how best to create value, a presence at their location, and dozens of other little things that prove you care. These are the actions that betray your beliefs about what is really your priority.

If you suggest that these things are important and none of them are visible on your calendar (or in the actions you take), then they are not really your priorities.

If you’re distracted by the internet, novelty is your priority. If you make excuses for not being able to produce the results you know you need to produce, then absolving yourself of responsibility for your own life and your own result is your priority.

What are your priorities? How are they visible?

Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
December 6, 2013
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