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Sales is the heart of any successful organization. It's where the money comes from. 

Without sales, there is no marketing, there is no R&D, there is no HR, there is no organization. The whole thing depends on you. So if your sales team isn't crushing your sales targets and filling your sales pipeline, it may be time to call in the cavalry. It's time to start looking for a sales development program.

Anyone who has previously engaged in sales training understands that not all training programs are created equal. Spending time, resources, and effort on a program that doesn’t produce the results you need is easy. How can you know—before you spend the cash—that a program is the best fit for you and your team?

This post will cover six of my top sales development program choices. For each, we’ll look at topics covered, strengths, and real-life customers' opinions about the program. 

What the Best Sales Development Programs Have in Common 

Sales development involves a number of elements of the sales cycle. During the development process, you and your team will research, approach, and nurture prospective customers, steering them toward an eventual buying decision. 

Just like your prospects need time to develop into customers, it will take time and effort to help your reps develop stronger sales skills and better tools that will help them advance any sale toward an eventual purchase. 

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When you’re looking for a sales development training program, you must ensure that the program you select will help your reps grow, learn, and make behavioral changes. Some of the elements you should look out for when choosing a program are:

  • Modern Approach: Seek out programs that reject a legacy approach to sales and prospecting. Outdated tactics and strategies will only drive prospects away. 
  • Identifying Challenges: It’s difficult to run a successful sales development training program if you don’t know what challenges you’re trying to overcome. Find a program that helps you identify your team’s top struggles so you can counter them. 
  • Customizable Program: Hand in hand with the point above, once you’ve identified your key challenges, you need a training program that will allow you to customize your efforts to maximize results for your team. 
  • Focus on Mindset: Without a mindset shift, you team will inevitably slide back into old habits and practices, no matter what they’ve been taught in training and development. You need a training program designed to shift thought processes and teach new tactics. 
  • Accountability: Sales leaders and managers need to support their teams and hold them accountable for making these changes. Use a training program that encourages accountability in trainees. 
  • Proof of Success: Lastly, does the program produce results? If so, they should be able to prove it! Only use sales development training programs that can offer proof of success through testimonials or case studies from happy customers. 

6. Kurlan & Associates 

The first sales development program you might consider for your team is from Kurlan & Associates. Kurlan & Associates offer a wide range of sales training programs, including programs for sales recruiting, sales forecasting, business development, and more. 

You can also use Kurlan & Associates for self-directed courses on baseline selling, sales leadership, or coaching. 

Price: Self-directed courses range from around $800 to around $1,500 per course. Pricing for other courses are available only upon request.

According to one customer:

“Very informative, especially around topics of recruiting and top five points of great sales management.”

5. Imparta 

Imparta promises to give students a genuine competitive advantage regarding sales and the customer experience. They call their approach the “3D Advantage,” combining insight, influence, and trust. They believe a sales rep who can offer all three will win the deal. 

Imparta offers training in virtual, eLearning, and trainer-led formats. Additionally, you can use an application alongside the training material to reinforce the skills learned. 

Pricing: Pricing for Imparta’s training programs is available only upon request.

One customer says:

“The programme has been incredibly well received, particularly the interactivity of the sales simulations and the multiple learning mediums that appeal to our millennial learners. It’s really scalable, and while our prime objective was the speed to productivity of new sales hires, we’ve also projected savings of over $1 million in 3 years.”

4. Challenger Inc. 

Challenger is one of the most famous names in sales training. With Challenger, you can leverage training materials that target different learning styles and approaches. Challenger offers a wide range of courses on subjects like negotiation and selling foundations. 

You can book Challenger for in-person training, eLearning options, or hybrid courses that offer a mix of in-person and virtual lessons.

Pricing: Challenger’s pricing is available only upon request.

One learner says: 

“Watching our best & brightest embrace the techniques of Challenger to disrupt the status quo was rewarding as well as enlightening.”

3. Korn Ferry 

Korn Ferry promises to empower your team to unlock its full potential. In addition to sales training, they offer courses in project execution and project leadership. You can register for individual courses or pursue certifications in specific subjects.

You can explore training options by subject, language, and delivery method. Korn Ferry offers online, in-person, and hybrid courses and certifications.

Pricing: Prices vary by course, but many individual courses run around $1,900 

One user says:

“They provide world-class commercial training with 100% focus on improving commercial capabilities, results, and self-confidence that every commercial team should have.”

2. Sales Gravy

Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy offers a wide range of courses, coaching, and resources. Their resources include free resources like their podcast and training eBooks, as well as their training course catalog and coaching options.

You can book a sales consultation with Sales Gravy for professional coaching or explore courses on subjects like objections training, communication skills, and more. 

Pricing: Sales Gravy’s pricing for courses is available only upon request.

1. Sales Accelerator 

My Sales Accelerator is an incredible resource for any sales rep or sales manager looking to level up their sales team’s skills. I offer specific courses on everything from prospecting to mindset to leadership.

With my Sales Accelerator, your team can get training in the subjects and tactics they need most to succeed. I also focus all my training on building confidence in your reps, giving them the exact language they need to advance any sale.

My training materials are available virtually. You can also book me for in-person speaking engagements to motivate and inspire your team.

Pricing: The Sales Accelerator costs $997 annually for access to all my training courses

 According to Kim Mayfield from Techquidation:

“Thanks to the Sales Accelerator, my sales team has the resources to learn and fulfill their job responsibilities. It has been the best investment we have ever made."

Finding the Right Sales Development Program For Your Team 

Sales development or prospecting is a vital part of the sales process. If you want to keep your sales pipeline full, your team needs to have a robust plan for sales development, which means you need to obtain training for sales development.

However, sales development is only one piece of the puzzle. To have a successful sales team, you need to have sales training at every stage of the sales process, from mindset to prospecting to customer retention.

My Sales Accelerator is designed to help your team identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement, then give you the tools, language, and skills you need to counter your biggest challenges and crush your targets.

Get started with my Sales Accelerator and start leveling up your team today! 

Post by Anthony Iannarino on December 13, 2022

Written and edited by human brains and human hands.

Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. He is the author of four books on the modern sales approach, one book on sales leadership, and his latest book called The Negativity Fast releases on 10.31.23. Anthony posts daily content here at TheSalesBlog.com.
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