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Blog Category // 2022

Five Powerful Discovery Call Questions

The discovery phase of the sales process always proves to be critical. Most salespeople waste discovery by asking the client ...
3 Big Shifts

What Is a Good Customer Acquisition Cost?

The answer to the question “What is a good customer acquisition cost?” will be different across companies. One company's ...

How to Build an Effective Sales Outreach Strategy

Success in sales requires an effective outreach strategy. The more effective your outreach, the greater the number of ...

The 7 Basic Elements of Sales Performance Management

Salespeople have a sales process that guides their approach to creating and winning deals. Sales managers have a cadence to ...

Selling and Complex Buying Behaviors

Selling used to be easier. As a salesperson, you might have called on a decision-maker once or twice. Often, you and your ...

7 Reasons You Need Net New Business

Every sales leader or sales manager is responsible for growing their company's revenue. To grow, you need net new business. ...

What is a Positioning Statement

In a time when there are too many sales organizations chasing too few prospective clients, differentiation is difficult. ...

5 KPIs for Sales that Measure Sales Effectiveness

You might have a huge dashboard spread across two or three screens. You might also have a cluster of gauges that measure ...

Top 5 Financial Advisor Sales Training Programs for 2023

As a financial advisor, your clients invest in you, not just your service.
Sales Manager Challenge

The Sales Manager's Guide to Opportunity Management

To reach your goals as a sales manager, you need your team to hit their targets. Hitting those targets requires them to ...

How to Calculate Your Closing Ratio

On LinkedIn and other social media platforms, you will find advice like "Don't close deals, open relationships." This ...

3 Best Sales Objection Scripts for Building Consensus and Trust

When budget comes up as an objection in sales calls, seventy-nine percent of deals are lost. If you want to lower that ...

Cross Sell Vs. Upsell

There are differences between cross selling and upselling, and there are also similarities. Both strategies are a way to ...

How to Write a Basho Email

It is a rare occurrence that a decision-maker will open and read your email. If you are unknown, your odds are about the ...

Real Sales Engagement

Technology companies often hijack terms from other industries and use them to name their offerings. This can confuse people ...

14 Example SPIN Questions + Real World Scenarios To Use Them In

“If you can’t solve a problem for your customer, then there’s no basis for a sale. But if you uncover problems you can ...

How To Be a Good Sales Coach: 5 Proven Skills To Master

Sales managers are masters of wearing multiple hats. You’re a leader, a sales rep yourself, a recruiter… and a coach?

6 Proven Rapport Building Questions for Sales Professionals

Every interaction you have with a prospect moves them closer or further away from a sale. 

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Forecasting

Forecasting is one of the more difficult tasks for sales leaders and sales managers. In times of uncertainty or instability, ...

Resolve Client Concerns with BOFU Sales Collateral

One reason marketers and salespeople have trouble communicating is because we speak different languages. For example, we ...

6 Best Sales Development Programs [+ REVIEWS]

Sales is the heart of any successful organization. It's where the money comes from. 
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