It’s likely that your prospective clients have never seen anyone’s sales process.

It’s doubtful that anyone has taken the time to explain to your prospect all of the outcomes that are necessary to really understand their needs, develop a solution, build consensus within the organization, and execute after it’s all said and done. Because they’ve never seen the process laid out before, they’ve never thought about all of the steps that are necessary to getting the outcomes they need.

Most of the time, when we open a sales call, we set an agenda for that call. But that agenda only gets you as far as the end of that first conversation, and it doesn’t paint a picture of where you are potentially going to go together and how you might get there.

It’s a good idea to show your dream client what your process looks like. Show them what each of the stages looks like and what the outcome of each stage needs to be. Explain to them how that process benefits them, and how you are going to collaborate with them during each stage.

The value that you create for your prospect is that you give them a vision of where you are going. You also give them confidence that they are working with someone who is prepared, who has a plan, who knows what outcomes are necessary, who knows how to manage this process, and who is thoughtful enough to have documented that path.

You benefit by showing your dream client your process because they know why you are asking them for the commitments that you need. You can also hold each other accountable to those commitments.

One slide. No words. Share your process and give your dream client the experience of understanding what is necessary to producing better results and how you get them there.

Sales, 2015
Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
March 17, 2015
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