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If you treat the people that work within your four walls as if they are a transaction, they will follow suit. They will treat your clients as if they are transacting, and they will treat each other as transactions. If you infuse their experience with meaning and purpose, then they will treat the work they do for your clients as if their work is meaningful and purposeful.

If you treat the people that work for you or with you as if money is what is most important, then you can expect them to treat everything as if money is what is at issue. If you treat people as if they are a line on your expense report, then they will work like all they are is a line on your expense report. But if you treat them like the single most important asset you have for producing results (and they are), then they will respond in kind, giving you their best performance.

People aren’t transactions. Money isn’t the greatest value a business can create.

If you build a transactional culture, that transactional culture will impact every aspect of your business, including your client relationships. If you want to avoid being transactional, start first inside your own organization.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on March 10, 2014

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