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Rules For Using Artificial Intelligence in B2B Sales

Everywhere you look, you find artificial intelligence. No other technology has been adopted faster than AI. Unfortunately, ...
Information Disparity 2-part video series

The Education of a Salesperson: A Journey from Cold Calls to Strategic Mastery

The Beginnings of a Sales Career: Learning Through Cold Calls I started selling when I was 15. I made cold calls for a ...

How a Niche Book Club is Revolutionizing Sales Strategies

Discover the transformative power of shared learning in sales through an innovative book club.

A Curated List of Influential Books for Enhancing Sales Skills

Non-Sales Books That Transformed My Selling Techniques Unlocking Personal and Professional Effectiveness with Seven Habits ...

Anthony Iannarino's Six Essential Sales and Leadership Books: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

Explore the groundbreaking insights and strategies in Anthony Iannarino's series of six books, revolutionizing sales and ...

Unlock the Art of Book Reading- 16 Essential Rules for Book Lovers

Explore the art of reading more effectively with these 16 essential rules for every book enthusiast.

Unlock Business Success with One-Up Book Club- A Guide for Sales Professionals

Discover how the One-Up Book Club transforms sales strategies through influential business literature.

Elevate Your Sales Skills: Broaden Your Reading for Success in Modern Sales Environments

Discover the secret to becoming a top-tier sales expert by diversifying your reading list – it's not just about sales books.

Embracing Deep Reading in a Digital Age: Strategies for Intellectual Growth

Discover how to counteract the shallowness of a post-literate society with effective deep reading strategies.
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Maximize Your Sales Impact: Read for Your Clients

Most salespeople read books that promise personal or professional development. It's crucial to work on increasing your ...

On The Post-Literate Society

My mother taught me to read when I was three years old. She told me she made me play school. This sparked my love of the ...

Explaining the One-Up Book Club

This post will explain what you need to know about the One-Up Book Club. It will summarize why it’s necessary, how it will ...

Introducing The One-Up Book Club

This post offers no explanation as to why I believe sales is broken, so if you want to understand, I recommend you read ...

The Importance of Reading and Research in B2B Sales

Mark Twain once said that someone who doesn’t read is no better off than someone who can’t read. Yet, here we are in the ...

Why I Wrote The Negativity Fast

The acceleration of change in our time is itself, an elemental force. The accelerative thrust has personal and ...

How To Take Notes on What You Read

I could read when I was three years old, thanks to my mother. From that point on, I have never been without a book. When we ...

Do the Damn Reading

It isn’t difficult to acquire a strategic advantage in sales. Yet, most people refuse to take the single action that tens of ...

My Debt to The Challenger Sale

It would be more difficult for me to share my version of a modern sales approach if the Challenger approach didn’t exist. ...

The Best Sales Leadership Books You NEED To Read

We’ve all heard the saying that the best way to learn is by doing. I respectfully disagree.

Elite Sales Strategies

Today we release my fourth book, Elite Sales Strategies: A Guide to Being One-Up, Creating Value, and Becoming Truly ...

5 Best Cold Calling Books to Generate Massive Success

Each year, publishers release somewhere in the ballpark of 11 thousand new business-related books. The good news is that ...
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