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Blog Category // Competition (3)

Lose With Grace

If you lose an opportunity, lose gracefully. Maintain your professionalism, no matter how you lose. Be respectful of the ...
3 Big Shifts

4 Ways to Create Competitive Advantage

You want to tilt the playing field in your direction. Here are four (of many ways) you can personally create a competitive ...

Sell For Lifetime Value

Let’s say you are calling on a customer that spends $250,000 on whatever it is that you sell. For you and your company, ...

You Can’t Control Your Competitor

You can’t control your competitor.

Your Baby Is Ugly

Weak salespeople tell the client what they want to hear. Great salespeople tell the client what they need to hear.

A Competitive Paranoia

Assume that your competitor has spent more time with your dream client than you have. Assume that they got there early. ...

What I See When I Watch the Super Bowl

Two teams compete.

On Competitive Displacements

Your very best targets, your dream clients, are almost always the most difficult to penetrate. They have deep relationships, ...

Some Thoughts on Pricing Power

There are gaps worth noticing when it comes to pricing power.
Sales Manager Challenge

You Are Selling for Competitive Advantage

You aren’t just trying to compete for your dream client’s business; you’re trying to win their business. Everything you do, ...

Four Behaviors That Make You Transactional

You don’t want to be a commodity. You don’t want to price like a commodity. And you surely don’t want to be disposable or ...

Waiting for Your Second Wind

In the summer, I ride a bicycle. A few years ago, I was training to ride across Death Valley. A friend of mine, Johnny, ...

Stay On Message

A few years ago, I spoke to a big sales organization. Their leadership team was brilliant. They were all on message, and the ...

Mailbag: How to Badmouth Your Competitor

John writes:

You’ve Found the Bottom

You can stop chasing the bottom now. You found it.

Competing Against Fairy Tales

There are some salespeople—and some sales organizations—that are willing to tell their prospective clients whatever they ...

It Isn’t Badmouthing Your Competitor When You Are Criticizing Their Business Practices

You know better than to slam your competitors on a sales call. It isn’t how you compete. You know that it diminishes your ...

Why You Have to Love a Good Fight

Sales is competition. Someone wins the business and everybody else loses. Selling well and creating all the value you can ...

Respect, Not Fear

There is a difference between respecting your competition and fearing your competition. Respect, they deserve (some more ...

Two Ways to Never Have to Fear Your Competition

You must respect your competition, but that doesn’t mean you have to fear them. Even if they are bigger, and even if you ...

How To Fight Above Your Weight Class (Part Two)

To fight above your weight class, you have to believe and you have to take actions based on that belief. There are three ...
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