You have strong beliefs. More like convictions, really. You believe these things so strongly that you are not only unwilling to change, you are unwilling to even consider alternatives. Some of these beliefs may serve you, but sometimes they are your undoing.

Too Hard to Win

You believe that your dream client is too difficult a prospect to win. Because they already have a partner, you believe that they aren’t going to change any time soon. You believe that your time is better spent on more receptive prospects, even if they aren’t the kind for whom you do your best work or provide you much in the way of sales.

Your competitor believes that the same dream client you are ignoring is worth pursuing, worth nurturing, and worth winning over time.

Works Starts on Monday

You believe that your week starts on Monday. You believe that you start the day in your inbox, replying to all the requests for your time and attention that piled up over the last week. You believe that you can decide what to do next after you get caught up on your emails, and that what has your attention will be what most needs to be done.

Your competitor believes that their week starts on Sunday and walks into work Monday morning with a plan to take action on their highest priorities as soon as they walk in that door.

Cold Calling Doesn’t Work

You believe that cold calling is ineffective. You believe that you shouldn’t have to prospect, that marketing ought to provide you with all of the leads and opportunities you need. You believe that you can make your number using only the social channels and email.

Your competitor believes that they can pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with the same prospects you refuse to call.

This RFP is an Opportunity

You believe that an RFP is a real opportunity for new business. You believe a request for proposal should command whatever time and attention necessary, regardless of the fact that you have close to zero chance of winning it. You believe that your response can differentiate you from the other responses that look very much like yours.

Your competitor believes that the 80 hours it would take to respond to an unsolicited RFP would be better invested prospecting, nurturing their dream clients, or taking care of their existing clients.

Buyer Care Most About Price

You believe that your prospective client is going to make their decision based on price. You believe price is the factor that will override all other factors. You believe that there is no way to win without beating your competitors on price.

Your competitor believes that that same prospect is going to work with someone they know, like, and trust. They believe the overall value and the relationship will be the decision criteria the prospect will use to decide.

You are entitled to your beliefs. Your competitors are entitled to their beliefs. You have noting to worry about unless their beliefs are more empowering and more closely reflect the truth.

Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
July 30, 2016