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Maximize Your Productivity: Plan Your Week with These Proven Strategies

Unlock your potential by mastering the art of weekly planning to boost productivity and sales success.
Information Disparity 2-part video series

Master the Art of Increasing Your Focus and Attention Span

Struggling to stay focused in a world full of distractions? Here’s how to reclaim your attention.

Mastering Work Prioritization: Essential Strategies for Long-Term Success

Unlock your productivity potential by mastering the art of prioritizing work that delivers long-term value and immediate ...

Eliminating Waste and Boosting Efficiency in B2B Sales Strategies in 2024

Unlock the secret to supercharging your B2B sales efficiency and reducing waste today!

Maximizing Impact with AI: Navigating the Future of Content Creation and Analysis

For fourteen years, I have written and published a daily post. When I started, I wrote long posts that were poorly edited, ...

Maximize Your Productivity: Master the Art of Weekend Planning with These Proven Strategies

Are you ready to transform your weekends into a powerhouse of productivity and planning? Challenge yourself to adopt these ...

Regaining Deep Focus: Navigating the Digital Distraction Maze for Success

Uncover the lost art of deep focus in our digital age and learn how mastering this skill can elevate your productivity and ...

Enhancing Productivity: Strategic Goal Setting for Success

Learn to prioritize your daily goals for maximum efficiency and achievement.

Getting Ready for 2024

I know you are working on ending the year strong. Your sales manager is encouraging you to pull the last couple of deals ...
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How to Stay Positive at Work

Every workplace has its set of problems and challenges, which can cause you to become negative about your work. Negativity ...

Priorities, Focus, and the Discipline to Get Things Done

People who want to get things done must determine their priorities so they can act on their self-discipline to ensure they ...

The Price of a Meeting

A recent LinkedIn post included a screenshot of a Google calendar invitation for a “Very Important Meeting” at Shopify. ...

How to Manage Your Sales Day

Without a plan for your day, you are likely to waste time. Look at your calendar and notice how much white space is ...

The Cult of Sales Efficiency and the Cult of Effectiveness

The cult of sales efficiency worships at the altar of more, faster, and automation—the Gods they worship. They believe that ...

Actual Intelligence > Artificial Intelligence

If you spend any time on LinkedIn, you find a lot of content about ChatGPT and other tools built on large language models. ...

Interstitial Journaling Secrets for Improved B2B Sales Performance

Do you wish you could remember the details of your conversations with prospects and clients? The more time that passes, the ...

How To Build a Sales Pitch Deck [+ EXAMPLES]

Forty percent of people respond better to visual information than plain text.

Time Management for Salespeople

There is research indicating that salespeople spend very little time actually selling. Various studies show that they spend ...

10 Best Ways To Increase Sales Productivity On Your Sales Team

Are your team’s win rates dwindling while your sales cycle stretches into eternity? If so, you’re likely looking for ways to ...

How to Use Sales Automation without Losing Your Soul

Some time ago, I received an email from a salesperson. He introduced himself, mentioned his company, and included four links ...

How to Make Your CRM a Strategic Asset

Sales leaders need to know their team has enough of the right opportunities to reach their goals. They also need visibility ...
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