Dreams and daydreams are different. One moves you closer to becoming the best ever version of yourself. The other merely kills time and gives you something to talk about.

Your Dreams

Your dreams are aspirational. Your dream is who you want to be. It’s the best ever version of yourself. It’s the “YOU” that you are working hard on becoming. Your dreams are all the things that you are going to do and everything that you are becoming.

You need big dreams. You need a big vision of yourself. But your dreams are only dreams if you take action to make them come true.

People with big dreams don’t wait for permission. They act. They don’t wait for the conditions to be just right. They don’t wait for someone to recognize their gifts and give them permission to fly. They dive into the deep end of the pool and start making waves.

Dreams are made of action. When there is no action, then they’re not dreams; they’re daydreams.

Your Daydreams

You can always tell someone with dreams from those with daydreams. The people with dreams are always busy hustling and taking action to bring their dreams to life. The daydreamers, on the other hand, are always talking about what they’re going to do someday.

The daydreamers are always waiting for something to change, for someone to give them permission, or for someone to recognize their innate talents and abilities. They’re happy to talk about what they’re going to do someday, who they’re going to be when they’re allowed. But it’s all for show. It’s all talk and no action.

If you don’t take action to maximize productivity and bring your dreams to life, then they’re just daydreams. And daydreams won’t take you anywhere. They’ll never move you closer to your goals. They’ll never help you realize your ambition. And they’ll never help you become the best ever version of yourself.

The only difference between a dream and a daydream is action. And the only difference between where you are now and your goals, your ambitions, and the best ever version of yourself is just action too.


Make a list of your dreams. What actions are you taking right now to make them a reality?

Which of your dreams are really daydreams? What action do you need to take to make your daydreams your real dreams?

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on November 9, 2012
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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