Hustler’s believe in themselves. They’re confident.

Hustlers believe that, no matter what else happens, they can deliver. They believe they are empowered to make a difference. This isn’t the false confidence that is braggadocio. It’s the authentic confidence that one gains from having taken action, struggled to find a way, and eventually succeeded. It’s this confidence that allows the hustler to take action other won’t. Hustlers commit to getting big things done because they have the confidence to try.

Non-hustlers lack confidence because they don’t believe in themselves. Because they don’t believe they don’t take action, and so begins the downward spiral. It’s the non-hustlers doubts about themselves that prevents them from taking action, that critical first step in developing confidence.

Hustlers believe in what they sell.

Hustlers believe that what they sell creates so much value that their dream clients can’t live without it. Hustlers aren’t afraid to engage their dream clients of pitch because they believe in their hearts that they’re a better choice. They have no doubt about their product or service because they know that they are really what their client is buying, and they will do what is necessary to deliver.

Non-hustlers doubt what they sell. They don’t really believe, and so they pull their punches. Non-hustlers believe that the challenges that everyone has delivering big outcomes to their clients are exclusive to their company, and rather than hustle to make a difference, they take no action.

Hustlers believe that everyone can do what they do. They don’t believe that they are able to produce results that others are unable to produce. In fact, if you ask a hustler what makes them special, they’ll likely tell you that they worked hard, took chances, had some bad luck from which they learned, and some good luck they on which they capitalized. They’ll tell you they set a goal and relentlessly worked towards it. Hustlers believe they can do better, regardless of how well they’re doing now.

The non-hustler believes that the hustler can do things they can’t do. In reality, the non-hustler is unwilling to do what the hustler does. As soon as the non-hustler changes their mind and begins taking new actions, they discover that they very quickly progress and very quickly join the ranks of the hustlers. Then they wonder why they hadn’t believed in themselves earlier.

Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
June 28, 2014
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